Nurturing Creativity and Self Expression

At Severn we challenge and inspire every student to reach their full artistic potential. Whether learning to draw for the first time or taking the lead in the school play, every student learns to express themselves through the arts. Our expert faculty are nationally recognized for excellence in their fields and teaching and make it their mission to nurture the artist in every child.

A Community of Artists

We are a community of artists who paint, sculpt, draw, design, film, sing, strum, dance, and act. Our students choose from an array of arts, old and new — from drama to dance, drawing to digital illustration, and sculpture to architecture. They become apprentices to master teachers and learn by doing through purposeful practice. We invite visiting artists and musicians to workshop with our students and expand their understanding of the world of art beyond our doors. Through these experiences, they begin to understand the techniques and innovations of the great artists they study.

Much More than Artistic Ability

Arts education involves much more than developing artistic ability. Through creative problem solving and expression, students hone critical thinking skills, celebrate multiple and diverse perspectives, and learn to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways as well as learn to exercise good judgment about qualitative relationships. We seek to create a well-rounded student who is culturally aware. Our talented arts faculty members encourage students’ thoughtful respect for and appreciation of beauty, empathy, and communication.

Arts News

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