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Strategic Plan
Education at Severn reaches far beyond what you know; it's about who you are and the impact you can make on the world. With our 2022 strategic plan, we commit to a program that empowers our graduates to take on the challenges previous generations have laid at their feet by practicing the many ways to lead.

Dear Severn Community,

We are excited to share with you Leadership Reimagined; our strategic plan that will act as a compass in the coming years, provide direction for the Board, faculty and staff and bring our community together toward one common vision. 

While resolute in our mission to challenge our students and graduates to marshal the courage to lead, we recognize our world, our country, our communities, and even our school need something different from leaders today. We must teach and model a reframed definition of leadership. 

For our students to lead successfully and contribute to an ever-changing world, we must instill broad competencies and mindsets that are agile, adaptable, and applicable across a range of novel situations. They will need to possess intellectual agility for careers and lives in which uncertainty is the only certainty and possess equal parts emotional intelligence and compassion. They will need to model balanced, personal wellness and follow a broadly shared moral compass with unwavering integrity. And they must instinctively include and make space for the contribution of all voices. At Severn, we envision a world where education is about more than what you know—it’s about who you are. 

If the past 24 months has taught us anything, it is that structured plans will fall apart. We can only prepare for the uncertainty ahead. Our strategic plan is a promise to create a community that reframes leadership and prepares this generation and generations to come to contribute to the world around them. 


Doug Lagarde

Head of School

Buckley Family

Severn truly helps to develop the whole person. There are incredible leadership, athletic, academic, and club options for students to grow and foster their individual interests. 

Our Values

Our Values
Our values are the essence of our community and the code by which we live — the principles upon which we make our decisions. They are the heart and soul of Severn School.

List of 5 items.

  • Scholarship — Discover What Matters

    There’s what we learn in school, and then there’s the impact that knowledge can have on ourselves and those around us. A Severn education is contextualized for the real world, so each student can explore new ideas and make meaning of what they learn. We prioritize intellectual engagement and a lifelong growth mindset as foundations to an excellent education.
  • Character — Take a Stand

    We are proud to learn and work alongside many talented, caring, and unique individuals. We show appreciation, support, and respect for one another not just through our words, but through our actions. Our students learn to take a stand by embracing honesty, integrity, and consideration for others in every interaction big and small.
  • Conduct — Community

    We are capable of extraordinary things as individuals, but together, we can reach even greater heights. Keeping community at the center gives us the energy and enthusiasm to explore ideas and try new things. This support allows us to make progress toward our collective vision.
  • Health and Wellness — Be Well, Live Well

    Proper nutrition, consistent movement, and a balanced perspective are key ingredients to a driven yet sustainable lifestyle. A Severn education prioritizes the whole person - mind and body - to ensure each student has the fuel they need to grow inside and outside the classroom.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion — Everyone Belongs

    We want every single member of our community - past, current, and future - to feel that Severn is a place where they belong. While diversifying our school is an outcome, ensuring that everyone is included and empowered is the real benefit.

Our Commitments

Our Commitments
To fulfill our mission, we make the following commitments to our community as we reimagine the way we think about, and prepare our students to be, the kind of leaders the world needs in the 21st century.

List of 5 items.

  • Intellectual Agility

    The ability to engage in, and adapt to, wide-ranging situations by nimbly and thoughtfully accessing foundational knowledge, considering varying perspectives, and questioning our own understanding.
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  • Unwavering Integrity

    The ability to understand the ethical and moral complexity inherent in today's world, aligning our decisions and actions with honesty, character, and purpose.
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  • Instinctive Inclusivity

    The ability to include and engage other people, perspectives, and experiences without prompt, recognizing that such openness broadens knowledge and deepens community.
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  • Emotional Intelligence

    The ability to understand the feelings, emotions, and experiences of others as well as our own, developing healthy connections and relationships through self-reflection, outreach, and empathy.
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  • Personal Wellness

    The ability to find physical and mental balance through life experiences, successes, and disappointments, developing sustainable habits that lead to fulfillment and joy.
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We invite you to join our effort to reframe leadership for this generation and generations to come.
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