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Maker Mindset

It's the Process that Counts

It all starts with a question. How can you connect two things? How can you make something taller? We set out materials and facilitate with questions to encourage your child to tinker and try, discover and try again. Innovation is born of play, passion and purpose — children learn best by doing. 
During maker time throughout the week, our classrooms are transformed into hubs for exploration and innovation. Working in centers connected by an academic theme, our prekindergarten students collaborate to develop and solve all sorts of creative and engineering problems. The air buzzes with excitement as our students move from one challenge to the next.

We focus on process, not product, during dedicated maker time and the results are pretty amazing. In this time of free-but-guided exploration, our students take the reins. They create stories, games and connections that we might not have the opportunity to see in more teacher-directed lessons.
Severn provides a great learning environment and has consistently encouraged our son's curiosity. He brings that curiosity home and we see him using new problem-solving skills every day. He feels safe to take risks and try new things because he knows the support is there when he needs it.

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