Student Support

A Balancing Act

Severn students don't have to choose between academic excellence and pursuing what they love. But they do have to learn how to balance what they choose. Our robust student support programs are in place to teach every student how to balance health, wellness, personal interests, and intellectual pursuits.

More than Academic Success

High achievers can deal with lots of pressures on their time and energy. Running from AP English to AP Chemistry, from a sports event to the school play practice and home to a study session—it's easy to miss the point of learning, growing up, and discovering your path in life. A person can look 'well-rounded' on paper without being very well balanced in life. Severn teachers, mentors, and even peers help our students learn to weigh their options and reach out for help when they need it. It's not just about academic success, but also finding satisfaction and purpose in life.

Lower School

Upper School