Student Support

Peer Counselors

A Shoulder to Lean On

At a critical point when young adults are building relationships and developing self-identity, a supportive voice from a peer can be tremendously helpful in navigating life in and out of school. Our Peer Counseling program is open to Upper School students who are interested in learning ways to help their friends and classmates during times of stress or difficulties.

Growth and Support

By developing their listening, communication, and problem-solving skills, Peer Counselors become better sounding boards for their peers and can serve as an extension of Severn’s school counseling program, since peers are often the first to hear when a fellow adolescent is struggling.  

Peer Counselors are trained to distinguish between common, lower-level issues and situations in which outside intervention is necessary to support a peer. While the importance of confidentiality is emphasized, Peer Counselors also develop an understanding of instances in which disclosure to an adult is required.  Peer Counselors offer an important and genuine service to the Severn community. In addition, skills acquired during the training help facilitate personal growth for the Peer Counselors, themselves.  

Peer Counselor Training is open to any interested sophomore, junior, or senior. Sign-up for the program happens at Severn’s annual club sign-up fair each September. Peer Counselor training takes place during Severn’s clubs and activities periods throughout the school year, and attendance at all sessions mandatory, as is parental permission for participation in the training.

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