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  • Photo of Douglas Lagarde

    Douglas Lagarde 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Julian Domenech

    Julian Domenech 

    Athletic Director; Severn Service Society Advisor
  • Photo of Michael  Glasby

    Michael  Glasby 

    Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Head Coach, Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Photo of Shannon Howell

    Shannon Howell 

    Director, Development
  • Photo of Daniel Keller

    Daniel Keller 

    Middle School Head; Asst. Coach, MS Boys Lacrosse
  • Photo of Catherine North

    Catherine North 

    Lower School Head
  • Photo of Christopher Sapienza

    Christopher Sapienza 

    Director, Business and Finance
  • Photo of Kim Slade

    Kim Slade 

    Director, Enrollment Management and Outreach
  • Photo of Sidra Smith

    Sidra Smith 

    Director of Studies and Strategic Initiatives
  • Photo of Stephen Soden

    Stephen Soden 

    Upper School Head


Severn School is fortunate to have caring, concerned, and committed individuals serving in a completely voluntary capacity as trustees to the School. 
The Board of Trustees exists to perpetuate the educational mission and philosophy of Severn School. It has fiduciary responsibilities and implements the School's vision through the strategic planning process. 
Trustees are non-paid members of the School community with varied expertise. They do not hear complaints, set curriculum, hire or supervise faculty (other than the head of school), determine individual faculty salaries, or in any way intervene in daily operations. The Board supports the School and its leadership and seeks to advance both.

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  • Officers

    Jon M. Mahan, Chair (P, AP)
    John Stamato, Vice Chair (P, AP)
    Vishva K. Gheewala, Treasurer (P)
    Jonathan Kagan, Secretary (AP)
  • Trustees

    Matt Alsted (AP)
    Andrew T. Bauer '91 (P)
    Carolyn Benz (P, AP)
    Rocky Cintron (P)
    Michael Clark (P)
    Ed Coleman (P)
    Gina M. DeStefano '82 (P. AP)
    Laure Fisher '96 (P)
    Cathie Herrick '86 (P)
    Edward Hiller (AP)
    Stephanie Jacobs, M.D. (P, AP)
    Kirk Jay '87 (AP)
    Wendy Jones '83
    Katherine Graw Lamond '96 M.D.
    Katie Leavy (P)
    John Lewis (P)
    Elsa Maskell (AP)
    Shaun R. Mathis (AP)
    Nels Olson (P)
    Sherwood E. Page (AP)
    Mikell Parsch (P)
    Taylor Scott, M.D. (P)
    Sarah Walsh (P)
    Adam Williams '92 (P)
    David Williams (P, AP)
  • Admirals Parents’ Association Representatives

    Teel Campus: Marci Maldonado (P '34, '28, '26, '24)
    Chesapeake Campus: Kristi Painter (P '35, '31)
  • Alumni Association Representative

    Ms. Jessica Popham McDermott ‘97

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