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Preschool & Prekindergarten

Our preschool and prekindergarten students experience a child-directed, hands-on curriculum designed to nurture curiosity and confidence.
In our Early School, your child has plenty of time for active, unrestricted movement to engage with the natural world and make discoveries on their own and with their peers. When you ask what they did today and they say "I played," you'll know that it means much more than that. I played outside and...
  • practiced collaboration and compromise, sharing toys and creating a game
  • made patterns in the sand
  • sorted and grouped rocks by their shape and size
  • found things in nature that begin with the sound /s/
  • told an amazing story that my teacher put in my journal that I share with my friends at group time
As a parent of a preschooler, I value that my daughter is in a nurturing, inclusive, structured and fun academic environment where she is encouraged to explore the world around her and expand out of her comfort zone.  Even more importantly, I can see she values it too, as she is just as happy when I drop her off in the morning as she is when I pick her up in the afternoon.

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Preschool Faculty

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Susannah Brooks

    Susannah Brooks 

    Preschool Teacher
  • Photo of Teresa Donnelly

    Teresa Donnelly 

    Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Kimberly Esterson

    Kimberly Esterson 

    Preschool Teacher; Kindergarten Science Teacher

Prekindergarten Faculty

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Crystal Erskine

    Crystal Erskine 

    Prekindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Stephanie Hawkins

    Stephanie Hawkins 

    Grade 1 Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Christine Saunders

    Christine Saunders 

    Prekindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Jane DeVeau

    Jane DeVeau 

    Prekindergarten Teaching Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What Preschool (age 3) and PreK (age 4) Schedule Options Do I Have?

    (for 3-year olds)
    3 Full Days a Week
    3 Half Days a Week
    5 Full Days a Week
    5 Half Days a Week

    5 Full Days a Week
    5 Half Days a Week
  • What Does a Typical PreK Day Look Like?

    8:15      Morning Work and Calendar
    8:45      Academic Centers
    9:30      Special Subjects:
                     Art, Music, PE or Spanish
    10:15    Snack & Recess
    11:00    Group Time
    11:45    Mystery Reader
    12:00    Lunch & Recess
    1:15      Read and Relax
    1:45      Explorer’s Club, Maker Lab
    2:45      Journal/Share
    3:00      Dismissal
  • Is There a Dress Code at Severn Early School?

    We do have a uniform dress code for all of our students at Severn including our littlest learners. Early School students also have the option of wearing PE dress every day. Find our full dress code with examples here. Our uniform dress code:
    • Helps students distinguish between dress for school and dress for informal activities
    • Decreases the time spent pondering over what one should wear
    • Decreases the time spent on enforcement of the dress code in order to concentrate on the core matters of learning and teaching
    • Provides neat and comfortable student dress options
    • Increases pride in appearance and in Severn School
    • Promotes modesty in appearance (school clothing is expected to fit and to be worn appropriately, at the discretion of the Lower School faculty and Lower School Head)
  • Are you a Maryland State licensed child care facility?

    Yes! We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Our license number is 161229.
  • I'm interested! How can I find out more?

    We're so glad you are interested in our Early School program! An easy way to get started is to fill out our online inquiry form and schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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