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Visual Arts
Behind every creative professional is a young person who was inspired to express his or her thoughts, ideas and feelings with visual arts.
Study in the arts, both fine and digital, provides an intellectual challenge and the opportunity for hands-on engagement in a creative discipline. Through problem-solving and personal expression, students hone critical thinking skills, celebrate multiple and diverse perspectives, and learn to communicate their ideas.

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  • Lower School Visual Arts

    Innovation is borne out of identifying patterns, learning from mistakes and envisioning solutions. Starting in preschool, Lower School students are introduced to a wide variety of art media and learn about art history all while creating masterpieces of their own. Through arts education, we empower young learners with self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, creativity, and emotional expression, as well as social harmony and an appreciation for diversity.
  • Middle School Visual Arts

    Art classes in our Middle School offer an introduction to the elements and principles of art in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of traditional and digital media while exploring artistic themes within diverse historical and cultural contexts. Every project includes a component of self-reflection as our students learn to communicate their unique ideas to each other and make broader connections to the world around them.
  • Upper School Visual Arts

    Our Upper School program offers both breadth and depth of study in various artistic disciplines so that each student can find and develop his or her unique voice. Developing an aesthetic sense, taking risks with creative expression, and understanding the visual world inspires our students. They are immersed in art experiences and activities that are designed to foster original thinking while exploring many different mediums.

    Classes include: 
    • Visual Arts Principles
    • Drawing (I, II, & AP)
    • Painting
    • Ceramics (I & II)
    • Sculpture (I & II)
    • Intro to Architecture
    • AP 2-D Design
    • AP 3-D Design
    • Digital Media & Graphic Design
    • Digital Media 
    • Book Design & Yearbook Publishing
    • B&W Photography 

Visual Arts Faculty

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  • Photo of Jonnie Friedman

    Jonnie Friedman 

    LS Art Teacher; Lower School Renaissance Art Teacher
  • Photo of Kristin Bland

    Kristin Bland 

    US Art; Yearbook Advisor
  • Photo of Skip Sensbach

    Skip Sensbach 

    US 3-D Art; Head Coach, Cross Country; US Art Club Advisor
  • Photo of Madison Wilbur

    Madison Wilbur 

    US Visual Arts Teacher

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Upper School