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Supportive Leadership

There are many issues that affect the lives of our students, whether those issues are in school, with friends or at home. It is important that students have an outlet and feel comfortable talking to an adult about those issues. Our supportive staff of deans build relationships with every student to answer questions, support student initiatives and model appropriate choices that align with our school mission.

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  • Upper School Class Deans

    Each grade in the Upper School has a Class Dean who is responsible for:
    • Serving as lead advisor for that grade
    • Monitoring academic progress of class members
    • Developing class morale
    • Supervising class meetings and activities
    • Working with class officers at planning and running class meetings
    • Reading progress reports
    • Coordinating meetings with teachers, the Upper School Head, parents, and/or students needing academic help
    • Handling minor disciplinary infractions
    Class of 2024: Ms. Minda Wesley
    Class of 2025: Mr. Andrew Otero
    Class of 2026: Ms. Kristin Blanck
    Class of 2027: Mr. Zak Starr
  • Dean of Students

    The Dean of Students coordinates student clubs and activities, social events, field trips, and character education. Managing the School’s discipline system is just one aspect of that role. He/she also works closely with senior prefects and the Student Council in order to improve student leadership and citizenship skills and to gauge student needs.

    While a student’s teacher, advisor, or class dean will likely be the first place to turn with a problem, the Dean of Students maintains an “open-door policy” and encourages individual students to approach him/her with suggestions or concerns.

    Upper School Dean of Students
    Mr. Marc Buckley

    Middle School Dean of Students
    Ms. Kathleen Donovan

Lower School

Upper School