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A Typical Day

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A Typical Day
Students of different ages have different needs in terms of class time, breaks, and meal times. So a typical day for a fourth grader looks quite different from that of a graduating senior. We understand the developmental needs of all our students and created schedules that provide a balance of academic work, special subjects or electives, breaks and meal times. Our thoughtfully designed day to day schedules give your child exactly what they need, right when they need it. Below you will find a sample schedule for the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.

Bianca, Middle School Student

My favorite thing about Severn is the flexibility and support you get from all around. Expectations are high, but they are also attainable with effort and involvement. Severn also promotes many social events and team challenges to bring our community closer. Everyone here has very open arms.

A Typical Day In...

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  • Lower School

    Our school day begins at 8:15 each morning. The Lower School daily schedule is prepared with our youngest learners in mind. At each grade level students have a balance between each discipline, recess and special subjects.
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  • Middle School

    The Middle School daily schedule reflects an age-appropriate balance between academics, enrichments, and activities. The Middle School rotates its academic classes. Students will have every academic period every day.
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  • Upper School

    The school day begins at 8:00 am with Advisory. The Upper School follows a 7-day rotating schedule, which allows 5 academic periods each day. This keeps each day fresh and new and allows for teachers to work with students at different times of the day in their specific classes. It also prevents students from missing the same class for early outs and appointments should they arise.
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