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Student Leadership

Leadership is Part of Our DNA

Throughout our history, Severn students have graduated into leaders of every kind — leaders in their communities, their nation and their world. Our commitment to fostering student leadership runs deeper than tradition. It’s intentional and all-encompassing. It’s part of our DNA.

What Student Leadership Looks Like at Severn

Our Upper School offers leadership labs, grade level seminars, student government, student-led conferences and other opportunities to develop essential leadership skills with a focus on collaboration, understanding of self and others, and purposeful communication. Our students learn to lead through student council, Upper School prefect and diplomat programs, clubs and activities, athletics, peer counseling and tutoring, and more. We believe that leadership comes in many shapes and sizes — every student has the opportunity to be a leader.

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  • Leadership Labs

    Just before the school year begins each summer, Upper School students gather for three days of discussions and workshops on effective leadership at Severn. Although students in elected and club leadership positions are expected to attend, the lab is open to all students. It’s a voluntary forum where any interested student can participate. Students learn leadership skills like group dynamics, presentation strategies, organizational techniques, how to run an effective meeting, how to encourage participation, and more. Students who attend the summer lab work together to create an adaptive challenge for the year which will guide many club and student council events. Following the initial lab in the summer, there are two more follow-up labs in the fall and winter.
  • Grade Level Seminars

    From 9th through 12th grade every Upper School student participates in grade-level discussion seminars taught by the Upper School Head, the Dean of Students and the Upper School Guidance Counselor. The purpose of these seminars is for students to understand their values while recognizing the value systems of their peers. They learn strategies for talking about difficult topics while building relationships with their peers and Severn faculty. Each year has a different theme:
    • Grade 9: Study Skills, Health and Wellness, Inclusion
    • Grade 10: Getting to Know Me
    • Grade 11: Getting to Know Others
    • Grade 12: Leading and Leaving
  • Upper School Clubs

    Upper School students can pursue their passions, find purpose, and practice leadership skills through the robust Clubs Program. Severn currently hosts 44 different clubs, advised by 48 different faculty members including Amnesty International, Severn Service Society, Chess Club, the Outing Club, and more. This is much more than a social, extracurricular opportunity for students. Club members are expected to take an active role in connecting their interests and causes with the larger school community.
  • Student Council

    Members of the Upper School Student Council include the president and vice president (elected by the entire student body), the president and vice president of each class, and a secretary and treasurer chosen by the elected members of the Council. Responsibilities of the council include supervision of Dress Down Days, coordination of class meetings and various all-School activities, and communication of sundry matters among students, faculty, and administration.
  • Senior Prefects

    Senior Prefects are selected from the junior class in the spring to serve as senior student leaders. Students are selected for their leadership potential, integrity, and their commitment to Severn.  Prefects participate in a leadership workshop in the fall. They assist with the transition to Upper School for 9th graders all year, new student orientation, homecoming, and other social events. They also act as assistant class advisors, participate in admissions events, and fill many other student leadership roles.
  • Upper School Diplomats

    Diplomats are sophomores, juniors and seniors who volunteer to assist the admissions office with tours, shadow days and open-house events.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, The Hoehn-Saric Family Center for Academic Excellence (Learning Resource Center or LRC) partnered with NHS for our peer-to-peer tutoring program. Every NHS junior is required to tutor at least 5 hours to support students in our community.

In this Section

One of the goals and ethos of the Upper School is for our students to be empowered to be leaders. We provide as many opportunities as possible to foster the courage to lead while offering support when needed.

Leadership Positions

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  • 23-24 Senior Prefects

    Jackson Barroll '24
    Ben Campion '24
    Kate Castleberry '24
    Parker Collins '24
    Dylan Fenn '24
    Jennifer Gomez-Gallardo '24
    Whitney Grimes '24
    Adele Hlousek '24
    Julia Hlousek '24
    Erik Maltz '24
    Daniel McNair '24
    Skyler Morton '24
    Jack Read '24
    Doug Schwartz '24
  • 23-24 Upper School Student Council

    President: Sean Ward ‘24
    VP: Grady Gelston ‘25

    Secretary: Jameila Pennant '25
    Treasurer: Trent Griger '24
    Senior President: Jagan Som '24
    Senior VP: Nate Long '24
    Junior President: Alex Zaremski '25
    Junior VP: Finn Fries '25
    Sophomore President: Marcus Schwartz '26
    Sophomore VP: Mayo Mabifa '26
    Freshman President: Rowan Ward '27
    Freshman VP: Katharine Kraft '27


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