Admirals in College

A Salute to College Captains

To All College Captains - We Salute You!

At Severn, we are proud of the fact that many of our student-athletes who continue their athletic careers beyond the Upper School are also chosen as captains of their college teams. 

That so many Admirals hold this leadership position in their sport at the collegiate level signals that graduates leave Severn having discovered what really matters.
  • How to lead, how to follow and how to work collaboratively towards a common goal.
  • How to work hard, how to model integrity, and how to effectively communicate.
  • How to understand the needs and perspectives of others and how to inspire positive change.


List of 1 items.

List of 1 items.

  • College Captains from 1990-1999:

    1999: Marshall Feldman, Penn State University, LACROSSE
    1998: Jenny (Hartman) Songer, University of Pennsylvania, LACROSSE
    1997: Jessica (Popham) McDermott, Richmond University, LACROSSE
    1996: Jessica Burke, Randolph-Macon College, LACROSSE
    1996: Kate Graw, Dartmouth College, LACROSSE
    1993: Joe Feldman, Gettysburg College, LACROSEE
    1992: Duncan Slidell, Washington and Lee University, LACROSSE

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  • College Captains from 2010-2019:

    2019: Zack Kinsella, Gettysburg College, LACROSSE
    2019: Sydney Kirchenheiter University of Louisville, LACROSSE
    2019: Will McCollum University of Maryland, SAILING
    2019: Mo Terry, Lycoming College, BASKETBALL
    2018: Dylan Gergar, University of Pennsylvania, LACROSSE
    2018: Burt Gesner, Babson College, GOLF
    2018: Reilly Miller, University of Mary Washington, LACROSSE
    2017: Ben Bedard, University of Pennsylvania, LACROSSE
    2017: Hanna Butler, Dickinson College, TENNIS
    2017: Ally Hall University of Louisville, LACROSSE
    2017: Charlie Olmert, Harvard University, LACROSSE
    2017: Kevin Rainey, Susquehanna University, LACROSSE
    2017: Rachel Sindler, Furman University, LACROSSE
    2016: Madi Decker, Merrimack College, SWIMMING
    2016: Stephen Duncan, MIT, SAILING
    2016: Alayah Hightower, Howard University, SOCCER & LACROSSE
    2016: Hannah Maisano, Wellesley College, LACROSSE & FIELD HOCKEY
    2016: Maddie McDaniel, James Madison University, LACROSSE
    2015: Max Bailey, Stevens Institute of Technology, LACROSSE
    2015: Ian Morgan, Tufts University, SAILING
    2014: Graham Davis, MIT, LACROSSE
    2014: Emily Gibbons, Gettysburg College, BASKETBALL
    2014: Grant Murray, Harvey Mudd College, SWIMMING
    2014: Courtney Rainey, Washington College, FIELD HOCKEY
    2014: Gabriella Winsky, Washington College, BASKETBALL
    2012: Allie Foard, High Point University, LACROSSE
    2012: Alexa (Kunowsky) Hayslett, Vanderbilt University, LACROSSE
    2012: Nick Manis, University of Maryland, College Park, LACROSSE
    2011: Cole Bailey, Tufts University, LACROSSE
    2011: Caroline Code, Harvard University, FIELD HOCKEY
    2011: Terry Duncan, Middlebury College, SAILING
    2011: Danielle Thompson, Johns Hopkins University, FIELD HOCKEY
    2010: Avery Burns, Brown University, FIELD HOCKEY
    2010: Mackenzie Carroll , Highpoint University, LACROSSE
    2010: Beau Wood, Tufts University, LACROSSE

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  • College Captains from 1989 and Prior:

    1985: Keith Fleming, Gettysburg College, LACROSSE
    1984: Julian Domenech, Pfeiffer University, LACROSSE & SOCCER
    1982: Darren Burns, Hampden-Sydney College, LACROSSE
    1977: Sandy Barbour, Wake Forest University, FIELD HOCKEY
    1953: John Fisher, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, LACROSSE
    1949: John "Jack" Jones, United States Naval Academy (USNA), LACROSSE
    1947: Blair "Buzz" Hall, University of Maryland, LACROSSE

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  • College Captains from 2000-2009:

    2009: Elizabeth Adam, Stanford University, LACROSSE
    2008: Taylor Burns, University of Delaware, LACROSSE
    2008: Caroline Crow, Yale University, LACROSSE
    2008: David Henry, College of the Holy Cross, LACROSSE
    2008: Michele (Manis) McGovern, Univeristy of Georgia, LACROSSE
    2008: Joe Morris, Yale University, SAILING
    2008: Josie Owen, University of Virginia, LACROSSE
    2008: William Smith, Washington and Lee University, BASKETBALL
    2008: Mark Staines, University of North Carolina, LACROSSE
    2007: Russell Cramer, University of Maryland, SAILING
    2006: Anastasia Adam, Vanderbilt University, LACROSSE
    2006: Brian Phipps, University of Maryland, LACROSSE
    2005: Jamal Jones, St. Johns University, LACROSSE
    2005: Sarah Meisenberg, Franklin and Marshall College, BASKETBALL & LACROSSE
    2005: Manton Paine, College of Charleston, SAILING
    2004: Jessica Adam, Duke University, LACROSSE
    2004: Kevin Crumrine, United States Air Force, LACROSSE
    2004: Pat Grimm, Yale University, LACROSSE
We recognize that this list is incomplete and would like to continue to recognize all alums who serve as captains in college. If you have additions to this list, please send them to Alumni Director Carolyn Campion at This list will be updated on a regular basis.

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