Middle School | Gr. 6-8

Transition to Teel

Purposeful Support for 6th Graders

Incoming sixth graders face unique challenges during their first year of middle school. They step onto Teel Campus with an influx of new classmates, newfound independence, and high academic expectations, all while managing the dramatic physical and emotional changes of adolescence. Transition to Teel is a purposeful series of 6th-grade enrichment courses to support their growth.
At Severn School, we deeply understand the middle school learning experience. A vast part of that experience is the learning foundation set in 6th grade. As caring educators, we hope the adjustment to middle school for students is a comfortable and engaging change. Our faculty and administration, as a result, have carefully designed enrichments that foster spirited growth in academics and character. Such enrichments address the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in middle school: study skills, health and wellness, design thinking, grammar and composition, and study hall time. Every 6th grade student rotates between these enrichment courses throughout the year. We believe these courses cultivate a smooth transition to Teel Campus and middle school life, and promote overall healthy academic and social growth.

Course Descriptions

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  • Grammar and Composition

    Grammar and Composition introduces concepts and tools that students can use right away to improve their writing.
  • Introduction to Innovative Design

    Design thinking is a creative approach to finding meaningful solutions using logic, imagination, and reasoning. In this course, students work in groups using the design thinking protocol to solve an engineering challenge. From planning to creation, and every iterative step in between, students develop problem-solving skills they can apply to any challenge, whether in class, on the field, or in life. In addition to developing the design thinking mindset, students gain experience with tools in the RxNT Tech Center, including design software, 3D printers, and laser system.
  • Health and Wellness

    Health & Wellness gives our sixth graders an opportunity to learn factual information about the emotional, cognitive, and physical changes that are associated with adolescence. Sixth graders have varying levels of knowledge and comfort regarding these topics, and this course provides an opportunity to make sense of it all. Students begin by learning about different personality styles, approaches to conflict management, and social patterns and concerns specific to their grade level. The second part of the seminar focuses on physical changes of adolescence. In this discussion-based class, the middle school counselor uses thinking strategies and humor to encourage participation and create a supportive environment where emotional safety and respect are paramount.
  • Study Skills

    This course empowers students with brain-based study strategies to remember information effectively, prioritize and plan in the short and long term, and develop routines for organization. They learn how to make the most of regular study halls and advocate for themselves through confident and appropriate communication with teachers. Throughout sixth grade, we ensure our students gain the tools and knowledge they need to develop independence beyond Middle School and take charge of their learning.
  • Study Hall

    One of the biggest challenges for new sixth graders is simply having the time to do their work. Between after school activities and social obligations, time is a precious commodity. Study Hall gives them dedicated time to complete their homework on campus and to reach out to teachers if needed. While this may seem like a simple idea, it is integral to the success of new students. Building this supervised study time into their schedule helps them establish good routines now and for the future.

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