Middle School | Gr. 6-8

Transition to Teel

Purposeful Support for Sixth Graders

Incoming sixth graders face unique challenges during their first year of middle school. They step onto Teel Campus with an influx of new classmates, increased independence, and high academic expectations, all while managing the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. Transition to Teel is a purposeful series of 6th-grade enrichment courses to support their overall growth during this critical time.
The middle school years represent a critical time in a student's development. And during these formidable years, Severn focuses on meeting students where they are. That support looks different from year to year, but in sixth grade it begins with Transition to Teel.

Transition to Teel is a set of thoughtfully designed enrichments that foster spirited growth in academics, organization skills, and overall wellness. Together, these courses set the foundation for a smooth transition to middle school and healthy academic and social growth.

Transition to Teel courses are offered during 8th period three times a week and sixth-graders rotate throughout the enrichments throughout the year.

Transition to Teel Course Descriptions

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  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital engagement is a pervasive and unique source of stress.  Students will discuss the effects of stress on the mind and body, as well as engage in different techniques they can use to calm themselves during stressful situations or as an everyday practice for relaxation.  Techniques we will explore in this class include visualization and guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided meditation.

    Additionally, Severn has partnered with The Social Institute (TSI) and will engage in interactive, game-based lessons designed to promote positive, healthy, and high-character choices that fuel their health, happiness, and future success. 
  • Study Skills

    This course focuses on maximizing learning by making the best use of: our minds, our habits, and the resources available at school.

    Students will cover topics such as effective study strategies, how to prioritize and plan in the short and long-term, and routines and habits for organization. They will learn how to make the most of the support available at Severn, such as regular study halls and extra help sessions with teachers. Students will also practice advocating for themselves by communicating confidently and appropriately with their teachers. Throughout sixth grade, we will arm students with the tools and knowledge they need to move into the independence of middle school and take charge of their education.
  • Reading Strategies

    Reading Strategies introduces and engages students with the concepts and strategies to read across the curriculum with greater comprehension, inferential thinking skills, and overall sophisticated border connections from the text.  The strategies are an effective way for students to have greater understanding of the deeper meanings and suggestions in abstract texts and skills to use reading to apply to more complex work in all classes.  This class aims to improve these skills and to expose students to greater reading styles and texts so their own writing can improve as well.
  • Human Body Systems and Design Thinking

    Students will become familiar with the major organ systems in the human body.  With each body system that’s introduced, students will engage in a hands-on learning activity.  Students will also be given opportunities to apply their knowledge and collaborate with their peers to design models and engineer innovative solutions to real world problems.
  • Health and Wellness

    Health & Wellness gives our sixth graders an opportunity to learn factual information about the emotional, cognitive, and physical changes that are associated with adolescence. Sixth graders have varying levels of knowledge and comfort regarding these topics, and Health & Wellness provides an opportunity to make sense of it all.

    Students begin by learning about different personality styles, approaches to conflict management, and social patterns and concerns specific to the grade level. The second part of the seminar focuses on physical changes of each group's gender. In this discussion-based class, the middle school counselor uses thinking strategies and humor to encourage participation and create a supportive environment where emotional safety and respect are paramount.

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