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We're Here Every Step of the Way

To honor our commitment to know and value each student, every student in the Upper and Middle Schools is assigned to a faculty advisor. Such a relationship provides Severn students with the support and encouragement that will help them achieve their fullest potential.

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  • Upper School Advisory Program

    Every Upper School student is paired with a full‐time faculty advisor. Advisory groups remain constant for all four years of Upper School. Students spend the first ten minutes of each day in their advisories, groups of 10-12 students from the same grade level and their advisor. During this time advisors greet their advisees, take attendance, read morning announcements, and engage in informal dialogue.

    Approximately once a month, Upper School students meet in “Extended Advisory.”  These longer blocks of time allow advisories to participate in a variety of activities including reflective conversations, team‐building exercises, group guidance lessons, and community service.

    Throughout the year, advisors meet periodically with individual advisees to review academic progress and assist in the course selection process. Advisors serve as student advocates, academic and social coaches, and liaisons between home and school.  Advisors are often the first a point of contact for families; parents are encouraged to contact their child’s advisor with concerns or questions about their child’s academic and personal development.
  • Middle School Advisory Program

    Each Middle School student is paired with an advisor who serves as both a mentor in academic and social areas and a liaison between the student, parents, and teachers.

    Led by the Middle School Dean of Students and Advisory Coordinator, the program gives students an opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills with peers and adults, and to provide each student with an adult in the community that he or she can go to with questions, concerns, or to seek additional insight and support.

    Advisors meet with their advisees twice a week and build relationships through discussions, participation in community service, and involvement in school and division-wide initiatives.

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