The Arts

A Creativity and Innovation Showcase: Lower School Evening with the Arts

The Lower School Evening with the Arts is a tradition for 4th and 5th graders in our Renaissance program to showcase the many creative, innovative projects they’ve worked on this year. From digital design to robotics, art and dramatic performance, each project showed the unique talents of our students and their self-confidence to take on any artistic or problem-solving challenge with dedication, personal investment, and joy in the process of creating.

Visual Arts

Advanced Art students spent the fall semester feverishly crafting an interesting collection. Students compared modern day street art and graffiti with cave drawings made thousands of years ago. They explored surrealist art by making clocks and collages inspired by Renee Magritte and Salvador Dali. And inspired by a trip to the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, they created “mystery hats” in clay, each with a surprise waiting inside.
Severn School students look at artwork on display.” width=
The clay “mystery hats” provided an interactive experience for art lovers!
Melting clock artwork.” width=
Melting clocks made out of recycled albums in the style of Dali.


This fall our Robotics students made great leaps with their brand-new LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits. They began by building robots to precise specifications with programmable bricks, motors and sensors. After learning to program their robots, they were able to use the motors and data from different sensors, such as ultrasonic, touch and color to complete various challenges. They programmed their robots to do three-point turns, used the touch sensor to back the robots away from walls, used the color sensor to move their robots along a line, and more.
Severn students demonstrate robotics.” width=
The robotics demo room was a hive of activity!
Severn students demonstrate robotics.” width=
Some robotics demonstrations needed more room, to the hall engineers!

Digital Design

Digital Design students spent the semester building their “tech-pertise” in many ways, applying classic design principles in the digital space. They annotated photos using iPad’s photo markup feature and the Pic Collage app, investigated cartograms, created infographics using Canva, created animated presentations using, and created movies and commercials using iMovie and a green screen. They each uploaded their projects to portfolios in the See Saw app so parents could watch their digital designs come to life.
Severn students and family gather around the iPad to look at digital designs.” width=
Using iPads and QR codes, our digital design students could easily show their families their work.
Severn student demonstrates how to upload work to their digital portfolio.” width=
Finn Anderson demonstrates how to upload work to See Saw, the digital portfolio app.


This fall the Renaissance drama crew pulled off a modern interpretation of Snow White that tells the classic story from the villain’s perspective, The Wicked Witch. With fantastic costumes, expertly memorized lines and unexpected humor, the play was a big hit. As a special treat for the audience, the kids performed a lively song and dance finale with the hit song from the movie Trolls, "Can’t Stop the Feeling." 


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    • Emmie Kanelos '25 with supporting cast of Snow White.

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