Severn Lower School Welcomed Grandfriends to Campus

Olivia Eggstein
Severn’s Lower School recently celebrated Grandfriends Day, a joyous occasion that brought over 300 special guests to campus to visit with students.
Every year, Lower School students look forward to showcasing their school and sharing their daily experiences with their invited guests. Throughout the visit, Grandfriends had the opportunity to attend a school-wide assembly, go on student-led tours, visit classes, read together, and meet and talk with teachers. The morning assembly opened with a performance of “Spring Showers” by the Lower School band, followed by grade-level songs. The lively program concluded with a dazzling musical number by the fourth and fifth grade Renaissance Drama cast of Annie, Jr.

Caroline’s grandparents loved seeing her performance - third grade students performed “Stompin’ on the Green” on their recorders - in the assembly, but above all, they loved seeing Caroline ‘33. Caroline commented that she was most excited for her grandparents, who traveled from New Orleans, to see her art classroom. During class, they had the opportunity to share stories about their own childhood, their favorite teachers, and favorite activities.

When asked about her favorite part of the day, Reese ‘37 said, “Everything!” Reese’s Poppy, like Caroline’s grandparents, loved seeing her perform during the morning assembly. Reese mentioned that she was nervous at first - pre-kindergarten students performed “You Are My Sunshine” - but she felt brave after she saw her teachers and family.

Perhaps the best part of Grandfriends Day though is the opportunity for these young students to spend quality time with their special guests.

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