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Student of the Month Program Highlights Good Deeds by Middle Schoolers

At the Middle School meeting at the end of every month, a handful of students are honored as a ‘student of the month’ by their teachers.
Students are nominated by teachers, and then called out in front of their peers and other faculty members to be recognized for a number of good deeds or actions. Each student that receives this honor is presented with a bracelet that reads ‘Severn Student of the Month’.
Middle School teachers come together to nominate students whom they have observed going above and beyond in the area of character and leadership. This can be something as simple as the student hanging back after class to help a teacher clean up, or as grand as helping one of the staff members after they've fallen and ensuring they receive the care they need. Both of these scenarios were celebrated at a previous student of the month assembly.
Teachers love the opportunity to lift up and celebrate students for things they do at Severn in addition to their academics. It's also a chance for other students to hear about the goodness in the Severn community, and to remind themselves that even the smallest gestures matter. Middle School English teacher Leigh Ann Orsen is an advocate for the program and looks forward to it every month. “I personally enjoy student of the month because it is a lovely way to shift focus toward random acts of kindness,” said Orsen. “It also ensures that students who might not always feel seen get the recognition they deserve.”
Good deeds are not the only actions recognized by teachers. Many teachers notice when a student has been struggling in class but takes action to get more help with assignments, completes extra work, and works hard to improve their grade or comprehension. Throughout the year, multiple students have been recognized for their perseverance in the classroom. With just 2 months left of school, middle school students still have ample time to be nominated as a student of the month and be inspired by the actions of their peers.

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