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From Struggle Comes Growth

At this year's Middle School Student Council induction ceremony, council advisor and history teacher Mr. Curran encouraged the newly-elected representatives — and our entire community — to take a close look at our school culture. After navigating the challenges of the pandemic, that in many ways brought our middle schoolers closer together, we are ready to harness our collective energy toward change and growth.

A Call to Work Together

With a crowd of proud parents in attendance, Mayo Mabifa '26 led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by remarks from Mr. Curran before the 21-22 class presidents took the stage to share their visions for our community. Excerpted from Mr. Curran's remarks:
"In history class, we often discuss how broad-sweeping change usually comes from times of great distress . . . I believe this pattern follows suit now. It is the perfect time to reflect on who we are as a Middle School and, ultimately, who we want to be in the wake of a difficult two years . . . As a call to action, I encourage each and every one of you to get involved, share your ideas, and let your elected officials work for you."
Severn School teachers speaks at the podium.

Reflections on Service

"To me, service means helping our community, whether the action be big or small, and encouraging others to do the same. I am excited to lead the 6th grade along with my vice president and class representative . . . but we won’t stop there. I want to lead in helping Severn, as a school, be the building blocks of making the world a better place! ​​I have many ideas that involve service that I would like the student council to pursue such as having a dress-down day to raise money for the homeless as we do not have a service day this year . . . Being in the student council is a commitment to serving our community and inspiring others to be their best selves. Our commitment begins now." — Maya Mark '28 (excerpted and edited from her remarks)
Severn School 6th grader gives a speech at the podium
Maya Mark '28

Reflections on Spirit

"Spirit is defined as the non-physical part of a person or place which is the cause of emotions and character — in other words, the soul . . . Because of this pandemic, the school has been, and still is, rebuilding the spirit and overall experience now that we have finally come back together as one. I am absolutely overjoyed to be a part of this rebuilding effort as it is one of the foundational reasons I ran for student council.

School spirit is not always something you can see, but something you feel in every corner of campus. It comes down to the smallest acts, not big grand and formal events like this speech, but rather, holding a door for another student, cheering at sports games, or even grabbing chips for people in the lunch line that can’t reach them. As your 7th-grade president, I promise to focus on just that: culture, community, and the soul of what makes this school ours." — Rowan Ward '27 (excerpted and edited from his remarks)
Severn School 7th grader gives a speech at the podium.
Rowan Ward '27

Reflections on Leadership

"With our powerful words, thoughtful proposals, hard work, and effort, we will bring this middle school to the next level. I have not taken this nomination lightly, as I have been provided with a bulb, and now I must be like Edison and spark the light. I will use this as an opportunity to work, enlighten, and empower this school to improve our unity and make our middle school years as good as they can be.

School is not just for academics but also for community; it is for growth. I believe we are here to strengthen our strengths and weaken our weaknesses. I’m asking you to help me and my fellow student council members as we partner with the administration to make improvements in our school, take us to new heights, and do the unimaginable. As a leader, I am expected to be responsible. As I say this, I want you to say to yourself, 'I'm expected to be responsible. I’m expected to be a leader, not a follower.' The power you hold is within you." — Jemere Branch '26 (excerpted and edited from his remarks)
Severn School 8th grader gives a speech at the podium.
Jemere Branch '26

The Promise of Our Community

Finally, Middle School Head Mr. Keller reflected on the work that lies ahead in the coming weeks and months. Excerpted from his remarks:
"You need to be the inspiration that sparks change and, most importantly, engenders culture. How do we create such inspiration? My humble opinion is that it comes down to modeling — modeling the right way of doing things. What are you, leaders of the student body, willing to do to make our community better? Are you willing to stand against your classmates for the right reasons? Are you willing to stand up for the right cause? Your sphere of influence has greatly increased and deepened. This is real.

Student leaders in schools construct values by the way they address challenges in ordinary and extraordinary times. What values will you establish as a whole? Who you are and who you can become is not in the handbook; it's not in the conduct tab or even our daily expectations. The core of our Middle School is, and will always be, the way we spend time together, how we treat each other, and how we pursue excellence in those areas. That promise comes from all of us in this room."
Severn School teacher speaks at the podium.

Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to our newly-elected Middle School Student Council officials!

6th Grade:
  • Class President: Maya Mark '28
  • Vice President: Packy Cummings '28
  • Representative: Will Clark '28
7th Grade:
  • Class President: Rowan Ward '27
  • Vice President: Katharine Kraft '27
  • Representative: Judson Pentecost '27
8th Grade:
  • Class President: Jemere Branch '26
  • Vice President: Mayo Mabifa '26
  • Representative: MeMe Litchman '26
Severn School middle school student council holding their certificates in a group photo outside.
Top row: Mayo Mabifa '26, Jemere Branch '26, and MeMe Litchman '26
Middle row: Judson Pentecost '27, Rowan Ward '27 and Katharine Kraft '27
Bottom row: Will Clark '28 and Maya Clark '28

About Middle School Student Leadership

In addition to formal elected positions, leadership in our Middle School can take many forms. From our Student of the Month program that features students for doing the right thing when no one is looking to the Community Life Committee and their work toward making Severn a more inclusive place where every student belongs, there is a space for every student to lead through their words and actions. As noted by our council members here, any student who brings out the best in themselves or others is a leader in our Middle School.

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