Junior Photographers in Focus at Shutterbug Camp

This season, we were excited to introduce a selection of new programs to keep campers laughing, learning, and creating their way through the sweet, sweet days of summer vacation. Led by photography coach extraordinaire Ms. Vanessa Cranford, our first session of Shutterbug Camp got rave reviews and is sure to be on the roster again next year. From operating different cameras to composing unique and creative shots, our campers spent the week developing a portfolio worthy of any critic's praise.
Ms. Cranford spends the school year making sure that the Lower School runs like a well-oiled machine, but her secret power is inspiring junior photogs to think outside the box and look at the world through a wider lens. Her experience teaching photography for the 4th & 5th grade Renaissance program, the 3rd-5th grade Shutterbug Club, and the Lower School yearbook team served as the perfect preparation for creating an engaging camp loaded with hands-on projects.
Severn School photography summer camp kids holding their cameras.
Turning the lens on the Shutterbug Crew!
"Photography gives children an opportunity to explore their creativity, use new technology skills, practice patience, and work both individually and collaboratively. There's always lots of fun to be had, but nothing compares to hearing the squeals and cheers of joy when they 'get the shot'!" — Ms. Cranford
Severn School photography summer camp examples capturing a mid air jump.
Jumping into an action shot!

Gaining Some Chops

Throughout the week, campers explored a variety of photography and editing techniques including:
  • developing expertise in operating a variety of cameras: iPads, small and large digital point-and-shoot cameras, and DSLR cameras
  • composition concepts such as angle, orientation, and perspective
  • technical skills such as how to focus effectively, zoom, and review/delete photos
  • proper camera care and photographer's etiquette (for example, asking for consent before taking photos)
  • using iPad and computer apps to crop, adjust color, light and contrast, and add hand-drawn enhancements
"My favorite things about camp are how we learn new things, try new stuff, and take pictures of really pretty places outside and inside. When we take them, we use computers, iPads, and other kinds of cameras. It gets more fun once you level up and can do more things." —  Wesley, Shutterbug camper
Severn School photography summer camp camper taking a photo.
Practicing with a small point-and-shoot digital camera.

Putting It Into Practice

The best way to become a better photographer is to get out there and take photos! After time in the classroom to learn vocabulary, look at examples, and practice, our Shutterbugs ventured all around campus to experiment with their new skills. The kids worked individually, in pairs, and in small groups while Ms. Cranford helped troubleshoot and provide guidance. After each project, they returned to the classroom studio to edit their creations. Projects included:
  • selfies
  • photo scavenger hunt
  • capturing mid-air action shots using well-timed shutter release and proper focus
  • forced perspective
  • panorama silliness
  • digital design projects including photo collages
  • and plenty of free shooting time to practice composition and camera operation and to explore their creativity
"Something I like about camp is that you get to be really creative with photos and do stuff you've never done before. And not only that but you get a lot of fun breaks to play and you get to meet new friends." — Ella, Shutterbug camper
Severn School photography summer camp in action.
Setting up the shot (left) and the finished product (right) for a forced perspective piece.
Photo of summer camp photography project with feedback on sticky notes.
The group also learned how to give constructive feedback using appropriate vocabulary with an eye for specific techniques.

A Magical Mix of Learning and Fun

Summer at Severn is an important part of our school community, sharing the same values of belonging and compassion, where campers can develop their interests while having a ton of fun. Along with Shutterbug Camp, we offered several other skill-building camps for the first time this year:
  • Hip Hop Camp
  • Short Story Book Club Camp
  • Amazing Graphic Novels Camp
  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Mathemagical Morning
  • Jumpstart to 6th-Grade Math
  • and Jumpstart Academic camps for grades K-5
Whether your child is an outdoor explorer, a master artist in the making, a budding author or illustrator, or an athlete on the rise, we've got a camp that's just right for your family.

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