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Chesapeake Campus Celebrates Veterans From a Distance

The annual Veterans Day assembly on Chesapeake Campus is a tradition loved by all. Our 5th grade class leads the ceremony, sharing information about the history and importance of Veterans Day along with personal interviews with or anecdotes about family and friends who have served. Because we can't gather to honor our veterans in person this year, 5th graders used what they've learned about history, community, and technology to prepare a digital ceremony with personal touch.

Letters of Gratitude

Several weeks ago, Lower School faculty and staff asked the Severn community to share the names of veterans connected to their families. With the help of teachers Ms. Custer and Ms. Hayman, our 5th graders then spent several days crafting letters of gratitude to each veteran, addressing and stamping the envelopes, and sending them off with care. To honor veterans who have passed, our 5th graders shared their names in remembrance during the digital presentation.
Severn School Lower School student writing a letter for Veterans Day.
Lily '28
Severn School Lower School student holding up letters for Veterans Day.
Gabe '28

Technology to Bring Us Together

In the weeks leading up to Veterans Day, Technology Specialist Ms. Dabrowka helped 5th graders record a presentation using green screen technology, photos, and music. While a digital presentation can never replace the in-person ceremony, our 5th graders did a fantastic job conveying the importance of honoring veterans from all branches and in all communities. They recognized the over 1500 alumni who joined the military after leaving Severn and the 85 alumni who died defending our freedoms in service to the United States. Our students' message is one of gratitude, reverence and respect.
Severn School Lower School student recording a green screen video
Aarav '28 behind the scenes! Recording students individually allowed them to remove their masks.

Thank You

For over a century, our school’s legacy and commitment to service has been and remains a core value for its alumni and current students. And we are indebted to the many service men and women who make it their life's mission to protect our country. To veterans of all branches who served and continue to serve, thank you.
“It is our earnest hope that the years at Severn have brought firm conviction that one cannot get something for nothing; that what is worth having is worth working for; that freedom to be maintained must be cherished and its price paid; that things of lasting value carry a high price tag; and that material rewards are not the only ones worth striving for.” — Severn School Founder Rolland Teel

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