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Middle School Student Council on Service, Adaption, and Change

At the recent Student Council Induction Ceremony, our newly-elected class presidents delivered compelling speeches on service, adaptation, and change, both in-person and remotely. Organized by council advisor and history teacher Mr. Curran, the ceremony was broadcast on Zoom for the entire community to watch from advisory classrooms or home. Their speeches addressed the many challenges of this school year while invoking a sense of hope and unity for our Middle School.

Honoring our Mission in Action

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Summer Hilliard '25 and remarks from Mr. Curran before the 20-21 student class presidents took the virtual and in-person stage. Excerpted from Mr. Curran's remarks:
"For all who ran, it takes courage, confidence, and a knack for positive risk-taking that embodies the very tenets of Severn’s Mission. Win or lose, their actions have spoken loudly, and they are all truly leaders of their classes in their own right. Our students recognized the fragility of what we do here every day, and that school simply was not the same without the community we build at the center of it. When confronted with this dilemma, our students have shown up in person and tuned in through the computer with a smile — even when it was behind their mask. Our students are resilient and refuse to let the masks they adorn to school mask their joy and the renewed sense of privilege that comes with learning in such a place as this."
Severn School middle school teacher speaking at a podium
The ceremony was staged in a large open area so in-person speakers were able to remove their masks while at the podium to deliver their speeches.

Reflections on Service

"There are many reasons why I ran for student council, but overall, I simply want to serve and help others. It just makes me feel good knowing that I did something good today. Even small things like helping someone with their work or just letting them play with you is truly a service we all can do, and it really brightens their day. Personally, I know this can mean the world to others. Make sure to do something kind to others today, and as a class president and member of this community, I will make sure to do the same." — Milo Tiler '27 (excerpted from his remarks)
Severn School middle school student speaking at a podium
Milo at the podium.

Reflections on Adaption

"Out of this difficult time, we have changed and continue to grow in many ways. We have been closer to our families, we have forged stronger relationships with our friends and our community, and understood what life is like during social distancing and lockdowns. While we could’ve sat around and done nothing, we pushed to make our new world better than the old and tried our best to help the people around us. COVID-19 was something we never expected, but from adapting to it, we are better suited for the future and whatever life throws at us. Having to adapt isn’t a bad thing, it’s a learning experience. No matter how bad COVID-19 is, we can appreciate what it has taught us. Severn School will grow stronger from this and we will become a better community from adapting together." — Finn Freas '26 (excerpted from his remarks)
Severn School middle school student sits at a desk with a mask.
Finn in class moments before giving his campaign speech prior to the election. He delivered his acceptance speech from home.

Reflections on Change

"Change. That is something we have experienced a lot in the past few months. Change in our school, change in our community, change in our lives. But, like Finn said, we need to adapt. My job, our job, is to help Severn change for the better. Change terrifies some, excites others, but for most, it is simply uncomfortable. That nervousness around change is normal. Change pushes us to be the best version of ourselves, as nobody has ever done anything great without any type of self-doubt or nervousness beforehand. We have proven this year that we can push beyond the discomfort of change, and make the unordinary ordinary. I am here to produce change, and I am grateful to have you, my fellow students, the teachers, and the administration here at Severn, along for the ride." — Grady Gelston '25 (excerpted from his remarks)
Severn School middle school student delivers a speech Zoom while a teacher looks on.
Mr. Curran proudly watches Grady deliver his speech from home.

Inspiration for the Future

Finally, Middle School Head Dan Keller reflected on the importance of purposeful leadership in the coming months. Excerpted from his remarks:
"What can you do as student leaders? I believe we need to accept this challenge in front of us. In many ways, you already have, but we teachers, student council members, students, and administrators need to keep connecting and talking with each other — to lead from energy and commitment, not authority or title. We need to work together, and we need to lead not for today, not for the cumbersome days right ahead of us. Rather, we need to lead for the future. As a school, as a community, we need to have that faith that we will get through this challenging time and that when we do, students, and especially student council, will certainly set up Severn's Middle School's student life for the best possible progress into the future."
Severn School teacher speaks at a podium.
Mr. Keller in closing before handing each student council inductee their certificate.

Congratulations to All

Congratulations to our newly elected Middle School Student Council officials!
8th Grade:
  • Class President: Grady Gelston '25
  • Vice President: Summer Hilliard '25
7th Grade:
  • Class President: Finn Freas '26
  • Vice President: Alyssa Johnson '26
6th Grade:
  • Class President: Milo Tiller '27
  • Vice President: Allie Gheewala '27

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