Questions to Ask on Your Campus Tour

The campus tour is our favorite way for families to learn what Severn School is all about. On both our Teel and Chesapeake campuses, tours include a visit to every part of our school with either a member of our admissions team or a student guide. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your campus tour and begin to picture yourself as part of our community!

Much More Than an Open House

We work hard to make sure that our open houses provide much of the general information families need to get a sense of our school, but the campus tour provides a more focused look at our teachers in action, students, facilities, and programs.
  • You’ll arrive on either Teel or Chesapeake Campus, welcomed by one of our admissions team members. They’ll give you an overview of your visit and answer any questions you have before starting your tour.
  • For Middle and Upper School, you’ll be paired with a student guide for an hour-long tour. For Lower School, our admissions staff are our tour guides extraordinaire.
  • If there is a particular part of our school you’d like to explore, tell us at the beginning of your visit and we will try to accommodate the best we can!
  • After your tour, our admissions team will answer any additional questions, provide brochures for you to take home, and show you where to find more information online.

Ask the Experts…Our Students!

Our current students are the real experts on Severn School — if you are paired with a student guide, they can be your best resource! And if you meet other students in the hall, don’t be shy. They are here each and every day and can speak to their own experience in a way that no one else can. If they say they love our school, ask questions to find out why. Here are a few suggestions:
  • What is your workload like? What’s been your favorite project so far?
  • How do teachers connect with you in class? Do you have good discussions? Do they make it fun?
  • How do teachers connect with you outside of class? Is it easy to get extra help or follow up about classwork?
  • What kinds of clubs do you have? Can anyone join?
  • My child isn’t interested in competitive athletics but likes to be active. What kind of options do they have?
  • Can you talk to me about what “known and valued” means?
  • Are there spaces for students to work both independently and collaboratively?

Ask the other Experts…Our Admissions Crew

With decades of experience at our school and the surrounding communities, our admissions team can answer any question about Severn and its rich history in this area. Do you know the story of our humble beginnings and the wonderful community that made us who we are today? These are the folks to ask. A few more suggestions:
  • Can you tell me more about the curriculum at Severn? Do you have an online curriculum guide that I can access from home?
  • How does technology fit into your curriculum?
  • Do you have a list of everything I’ll need to start the application process?
  • What financial aid options do you offer?
  • What does tuition include?
  • Do you have extended hours for care before or after school?

Ask Yourself

As you move around our school, try to take in what you see and actively ask yourself questions along the way. The answers will help you decide whether Severn is a good fit for your family. A few suggestions:
  • Do you see students working independently or together?
  • Do students look actively engaged, participating in lessons?
  • Do you see students and teachers interacting outside of the classroom?
  • Do the grounds look well cared for?
  • Do you see student work on display? What kind?
  • Are students self-directed or do they carry hall passes?
  • Does the school feel welcoming and prepared for your visit?

Our Best Advice

Dig deep into the culture and curriculum of any school you consider. Once you've gathered all of the information you can, trust your instincts. When you choose Severn School, you choose an education for your child that is unmatched, but also a lifelong connection to our supportive community. We hope to see you on a campus tour soon!

We're Ready...and Now You Are Too!

To learn more and schedule a visit:
  • For preschool (age 3) through fifth grade on our Chesapeake Campus, email or call Sue Richburg at 410-647-7701 x 2040
  • For grades 6-12 on our Teel Campus, email or call Ms. Wanda Ned at 410-647-7701 x 2267

Meet our Admissions Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Molly Green

    Mrs. Molly (Moore) Green 83

    Director, Enrollment Management & Outreach; Student Ambassadors and Diplomats Coordinator
    410.647.7701 x2265
    Salem College - B.A.
  • Photo of Joseph Christie

    Mr. Joseph Christie 

    Associate Director, Admissions; Head Coach, Varsity Boys Lacrosse
    410.647.7701 ext. 2266
    San Jose State University - M.A.
    Drexel University - B.S.
  • Photo of Susan Richburg

    Ms. Susan Richburg 

    Associate Director of Admissions, Lower School
    410.647.7701 x2040
  • Photo of Wanda Ned

    Mrs. Wanda Ned 

    Admissions Assistant, Teel Campus
    410-647-7701 x2267
    Anne Arundel Community College - A.S.
    • Severn School is a PS-12th grade independent school in Severna Park, MD

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