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Questions to Ask on Your Campus Tour

The campus tour is our favorite way for families to experience all that Severn has to offer. On both our Teel and Chesapeake campuses, tours include a visit to every part of our school with a member of our admissions team or a student guide. We want every member of our community to feel a sense of belonging when they walk through our doors. And even if you are just looking, we count you in that number. Our staff, faculty, and students can't wait to share their Severn stories with you. 

What Should I Expect?

Our campus tours typically last about an hour and provide a first-hand look at our teachers, students, and programs in action. You'll see classrooms, libraries, communal areas, and specialized facilities for music, technology, theater, athletics, and more.
  • You’ll arrive on either Teel or Chesapeake Campus, check in at the front desk, and be welcomed by an admissions team member. They’ll give you an overview of your visit and answer any questions you have before starting your tour.
  • For Middle and Upper School, you’ll be paired with a student guide. For Lower School, our admissions staff will share their Severn expertise with you.
  • If there is a particular part of our school or program you’d like to explore, tell us at the beginning of your visit and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • After your tour, our admissions staff will answer any additional questions, provide brochures for you to take home, and show you where to find more information online.

Ask the Experts…Our Students

Our current students are the real experts on Severn School — if you are paired with a student guide, they can be your best resource! And if you meet other students in the hall, don’t be shy. They are here each and every day and can speak to the Severn experience in a way that no one else can. If they say they love our school, ask questions to find out why. 
  • What is your workload like? What’s been your favorite project so far?
  • How do teachers connect with you in class? Do you have good discussions? Do they make it fun?
  • How do teachers connect with you outside of class? Is it easy to get extra help or follow up about classwork?
  • What kinds of clubs do you have? Can anyone join?
  • My child isn’t interested in competitive athletics but likes to be active. What kind of options do they have?
  • Can you talk to me about what “known and valued” means?
  • Are there spaces for students to work both independently and collaboratively?

Ask the Other Experts…Our Admissions Staff

With decades of experience, our admissions team can answer any question you may have about Severn and the surrounding community. They'll share a bit of Severn history and explain how our values shape the way we learn, teach, and interact as a community. 
  • Can you tell me more about the curriculum at Severn? Do you have an online curriculum guide that I can access from home?
  • How does technology fit into your curriculum?
  • How often do students use specialized spaces like the theater, innovation center, or music studio?
  • Do you have opportunities for outdoor learning?
  • Do you have a list of everything I’ll need to start the application process?
  • What financial aid options do you offer?
  • What does tuition include? 
  • Do you have extended hours for care before or after school?

Ask Yourself

As you move around our school, observe what you see and actively ask yourself questions along the way. The answers will help you decide whether Severn is a good fit for your family.
  • Do you see students working independently or together?
  • Do students look actively engaged, participating in lessons?
  • Do you see students and teachers interacting outside of the classroom?
  • Do the grounds look well cared for?
  • Do you see student work on display? What kind?
  • Are students self-directed or do they carry hall passes?
  • Does the school feel welcoming and prepared for your visit?

Ready to Join Us?

Severn School is a community driven by our commitment to helping students develop the skills and habits of mind that the world needs from leaders today. Being a leader at Severn means so much more than speaking at a podium, shining bright on the stage, or scoring the winning point on the field. It's also the student who demonstrates emotional intelligence and amplifies the work of their peers. Another who embraces a growth mindset and is intellectually curious. And those who see problems in the world and seek to make change for the better. Can you envision your child here?


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