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At Severn School, we are scholars, innovators, athletes, artists and more. We believe in character conduct, scholarship, leadership and service. And most of all, we believe in each other — we are family. These are the stories that tie us together. 


  • February

    Virtual field trip, real-life questions!

    A Virtual Trip Through the Past, Present and Future of Innovation

    Did you know that some of the first home computers looked more like table tops than the ubiquitous keyboards with glossy screens that we see today? Our 2nd and 3rd-grade students got a personalized tour through the evolution of technology at the Computer History Museum in early February. Perhaps it's more accurate to say they got a robot's-eye look at the famous museum located just around the corner from Google HQ in Mountain View, Calif. With Lower School technology specialist Ms. Vicki Dabrowka at the controls, our students explored the museum through the eyes of a telepresence robot.
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  • Unity Day teacher and student facilitators.

    Sharing Our Stories, Unity Day 2019

    What started as brief activities to share experiences gleaned from local and national diversity conferences and to honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Upper School Unity Day has evolved into a full-day conference including a keynote speaker, workshops, community reflection activities and a podcast — all organized and led by our students. Although 2019 marks only the second official Unity Day event, it feels like a tradition for our community. As faculty facilitator Ms. Melissa Osquist said, “There are big, global issues that our students want to understand. And they know that even here at school, we all have so many different opinions. They want to learn how to have good conversations with people that have different viewpoints.”
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  • At the podium during the first day of debates.

    Upper School Chemistry Students Meet Controversy with Academic Debate

    Many topics in science are straightforward. Few people will argue whether or not water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. But issues more closely tied to human behavior are often debated in both academia and the court of public opinion. What is the extent of human impact on global climate change? Are there benefits to holistic medicine? We look to the scientific community to answer these questions, but even within those circles, there are varied perspectives. Upper School chemistry teacher Mr. Nick DeMarte asks his classes, “If science is a body of facts, why are there different opinions?” And then the debates begin.
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  • View from the stage during a session with Creative Connections.

    “I Collecting Us” with Creative Connections

    Our 2019 Dillon Moran Musicians in Residence program was a two-day musical event unlike any other at Severn School. Jill Collier Warne, Sam Mumford and Ross McDouall of Creative Connections took the stage on Thursday morning with a set of drums, sampling and recording equipment, a guitar, and a cello. But instead of beginning their residency with a complete performance as many have in the past, they put out a call to our community. “We have some very small musical ideas,” said Sam “but we want to access your voices and your thoughts about your community and the way you see yourselves in society.” Over the next two days, students from our Upper and Middle Schools worked with the trio to create the unique multi-media performance, "I Collecting us."
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  • January

    Checking out books Severn preschool-style!

    Preschool Gets an Early Start on Lifelong Reading

    This month, our littlest learners joined the proud ranks of regular library patrons on Chesapeake Campus. While early reading skills have always been a part of our Early School curriculum, our preschool students now visit the library each week for storytime, media literacy lessons and a whole lot of fun. Right from the start, our students learn that the library is a welcoming place to explore their interests and the world around them through literacy-rich, hands-on experiences.
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  • Students creating a graffiti wall about Afghanistan.

    Sixth Graders Explore Afghanistan with The Breadwinner Project

    At the end of last quarter, our 6th-grade classrooms buzzed with energy as students prepared for an interactive museum bringing together weeks of hard work. Based on Deborah Ellis’s award-winning young adult novel The Breadwinner, this project gives our students a broader view of the world. It helps them make connections from one class to another, one person to another and one culture to another.
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  • The fall Lower School Student Council crew!

    Making an Impact at a Young Age

    Guest article by Molly Saum '17, Severn School Communications Office intern
    When students are young they may feel as though their voices are not heard. However, this is not the case at our Lower School. Every semester two students from each second through fifth-grade class practice leadership, teamwork and service with the Lower School Student Council. Their main task is to work together to complete a service-learning project involving the entire school. This semester’s council chose to support Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. During the final week of this project, we interviewed our Lower School leaders to learn about their experience. As one 3rd grader said, "A lot of it was hard, but it feels good that we have achieved this much."
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  • Severn alums Rachel Sindler, Priya Lakhanpal, and Nina Page

    Words of Wisdom from Our Alumni: Enjoy Your Time Now, Look Forward to the Future

    Guest article by Molly Saum '17, Severn School Communications Office intern
    I remember this time two years ago watching the College Counseling Alumni Panel in Roche Lecture Hall, nervous and anxious to start my college journey. Last week I watched the same event from a new perspective, now as an intern for the Severn Communications Office. This year’s panel shared meaningful advice with the class of 2019 to guide them into the future with reminders of everything Severn has given them. As I listened to the panelists, one quote in particular resonated with me, “The further away I get from Severn the more I appreciate it.”
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  • Rohan Lakhanpal '21

    Severn School 8th Graders Share Stories to Inspire Change

    Have you ever spoken to a large audience? Shared something personal about your life or someone close to you? Public speaking can be challenging even for those who do it frequently. It involves a complex set of skills, hours of preparation and the courage to make yourself vulnerable to the onlooking crowd. As challenging as it can be, public speaking is an essential tool to create positive change in our community and the larger world. With English teacher Mr. Joe Christie as their guide, our middle schoolers face that challenge head-on with the 8th Grade Public Address.
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