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Michele "Shelly" Coxander '06

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Michele (née Cox) is a neuroscientist. Her research focuses on how the visual system integrates sensory information with ongoing perceptual, motor, and cognitive processes. Her discoveries have been published in top peer-reviewed scientific journals and covered by national and international media outlets, including NPR’s Science Friday. In addition to her scientific research, Michele and her attorney husband founded MIRA Legal, an immigration law firm in Nashville, TN. She is especially proud of MIRA’s naturalization and asylum work, helping protect immigrants who would be seriously harmed because of their political beliefs, religious beliefs, gender and other reasons if they were returned to their home countries. She has also volunteered with a variety of with grassroots organizations to strengthen voting rights and reform the way elections are funded. Looking back, Michele remembers Severn fondly for the excellent education and lasting friendships. She credits Seven with giving her a place to flourish, where it was “cool to be smart.” 

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