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Social & Global Studies

Our global program includes five learning domains: 
  • geography
  • history
  • economics
  • civics
  • global connections
Various countries and continents are incorporated into units throughout the grade levels. The units promote a world viewpoint that expands beyond Western civilization and promotes a culture of inclusion.
When examining each Social Studies topic, students use thinking skills that promote frame of reference or point of view. The use of primary source documents in every grade also encourages students to use their thinking skills to draw their own conclusions. The curriculum covers themes such as Communities and Neighbors, Citizenship, Discovering Cultures, Immigration, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship.

Opportunities for students to make authentic connections are closely tied to Social Studies units and encourage students to be thoughtful, engaged, lifelong citizens. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to use their newly gained knowledge and skills in real-life situations and to build a bridge between academic and civic action. Students understand at a young age that they are members of a larger society, and that their contributions as well as those of their classmates truly make a difference.

Lower School

Upper School