Lower School | K-Gr.5


Become a scientist, inventor, and engineer at the Lower School! We believe in providing experiences that ignites curiosity and encourages exploration that lead students to amazing moments of discovery and learning. Science is a process that engages students to explore, hypothesize, design, test, modify, reflect, iterate, and draw conclusions. Students become confident in taking risks through trial and error and communicating their findings as part of the learning process.
Exploratory concepts are introduced in the younger grades so that students are exposed to a wide range of life, physical, earth, and space Science themes that they delve into more deeply as the progress into the upper elementary grades. Robotics, engineering, and technology are integral and purposeful components of our program.

Our science lab is equipped with tools to engage students in critical thinking, real world connections, problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, reflection and revision. The experience and learning extends outside, as our outdoor science classroom, nature trail, and garden provide opportunities for students to experience science first-hand.

Lower School

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