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Personal Wellness

The ability to find physical and mental balance through life experiences, successes, and disappointments, developing sustainable habits that lead to fulfillment and joy.
Our students will learn to be well and live well at Severn by making choices that lead to mental and physical well-being.

  • Support each individual's ability to make choices that lead to mental and physical well-being though a shared language and understanding of our "Be Well, Live Well" value. 
  • Integrate wellness education into all aspects of the Severn experience through an enhanced, school-wide understanding of Severn's wellness philosophy. 
  • Promote organization, time-management, and self-sufficiency in our students through curricular and co-curricular practices that encourage prioritization, efficiency, and purpose in all touchpoints. 
  • Ensure the sustainable health and wellness of our students through robust parent and guardian education. 
  • Foster the mental, social, and emotional health and well-being of our community members through programs, activities, and dynamic opportunities that maximize the use of our physical space. 

Lower School

Upper School