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Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand the feelings, emotions, and experiences of others as well as our own, developing healthy connections and relationships through self-reflection, outreach, and empathy.
Our students will build community through strong and healthy relationships by developing an understanding of themselves, their emotions, and the perspectives of others. 

  • Support each individual's awareness of their feelings and ability to regulate actions so that they empathize with others through a shared language and understanding of our "Build Community" value. 
  • Prioritize the development of non-cognitive skills and competencies in all aspects of the Severn experience through continual review and refinement of our curriculum. 
  • Enhance how we equitably meet the social and emotional needs of our students, faculty, and staff by codifying the intention and impact of our support programs. 
  • Build school culture and emphasize the importance of connection and engagement by expanding opportunities for community and togetherness. 
  • Champion the ongoing social-emotional development of our students through robust parent and guardian education.

Lower School

Upper School