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Instinctive Inclusivity

The ability to include and engage other people, perspectives, and experiences without prompt, recognizing that such openness broadens knowledge and deepens community.
Our students will create an environment where everyone belongs by developing a deep sense of appreciation for others, the desire to lift others up, and a commitment to anti-bias.

  • Strengthen our community's commitment to anti-bias, making sure that every voice is heard, and that learning is equitable through a shared language and understanding of our "Everyone Belongs" value. 
  • Cultivate a diverse and thriving community by ensuring equity in all touchpoints of the Severn experience. 
  • Combat bias through a course curriculum that uplifts diverse perspectives, cultures, and lived experiences and promotes genuine understanding and acceptance. 
  • Reduce financial barriers that may stand between qualified students and a Severn education by strengthening our financial access program to further meet the needs expressed in the applicant pool. 

Lower School

Upper School