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Strategic Plan

Intellectual Agility

The ability to engage in, and adapt to, wide-ranging situations by nimbly and thoughtfully accessing foundational knowledge, considering varying perspectives, and questioning our own understanding.
Our students will discover what matters in their learning with the ability to process and evaluate information in reflective and transformational ways.

  • Support every individual's ability to make meaning out of information in reflective and intentional ways through a shared language and understanding of our "Discover What Matters" value. 
  • Develop adaptable and applicable cognitive skills and competencies across a thorough and intentional curriculum. 
  • Advance forward-thinking measurements of academic and social competencies through an articulated school-wide assessment and feedback philosophy.
  • Support the individual and collective growth of our faculty through responsive professional development that provides opportunities for curricular experiences.
  • Encourage collaborative and flexible teaching and thinking within dynamic and multi-purpose learning spaces. 

Lower School

Upper School