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  • Community and Fellowship Defined

    Through the Van Eney ‘09 Fellows Program, select seniors transcend our traditional curriculum with a year-long intellectual pursuit that reflects their growing interests and passions. To complete this year of independent study, our students must demonstrate genuine curiosity and a commitment to pushing past their academic boundaries. And with so many obstacles to overcome this year, we are reminded that mentorship and support are equally important to the program. In the spirit of true fellowship, our 20-21 Fellows hosted two events inviting all members of our community to share in their inspiration, challenges, and discoveries: a fair for their peers and an evening of presentations for families.
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  • The Arts Will Find a Way

    The arts at Severn are more than outlets for creative expression. They provide a lens through which to view our world with an understanding of self and empathy for others. And as we celebrate our creative community this spring with awards and performances, we are reminded that the arts can also be a powerful tool to persevere through struggle. Upper School Arts Department Chair and Choral Director Mr. Rob Redei put it best, "Between remote learning, distancing, quarantines and COVID restrictions, there have been many chances for our artists and performers to throw in the towel. But at every obstacle, our programs and our students have found a way or made a way."
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  • Service When It Matters Most

    During a year that began with tight restrictions on in-person activities and limited opportunities at many volunteer organizations, Upper School students used their collective Admiral energy to reimagine service for our local community. From writing cards for health care workers and expanding the reach of donation drives to staging children's fairs and galvanizing the community to benefit a local pop-up pantry, they worked all year to give back at a time when the world needs it most.
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  • Making a Case for Change With Math

    Gun control. COVID-19. Incarceration rates by race. Degrees earned by gender. Are these topics you'd expect from a typical precalculus assignment? Mr. Andrew Otero's Upper School precalculus class is anything but typical. He has a passion for challenging his students to think independently, to form data-based arguments about topics that matter, and to develop habits of mind that reach beyond math. As data literacy becomes an increasingly valuable skill, Mr. Otero's precalculus classroom is a practice ground for translating big mathematical ideas into real-world solutions.
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  • Junior Classical League Brings Family Feud to Severn

    For the past several years, our Upper School chapter of the Junior Classical League (JCL) has hosted an array of events including toga parties, Saturnalia celebrations, and certamina (quiz-bowl-style contests) to celebrate and expand their knowledge of Latin and Roman history, mythology, and culture. This year, the club brought some light-hearted fun to Price Auditorium, following guidelines for COVID safety, for one Friday night of game-show-inspired shenanigans with a Classical twist.
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  • Leadership in Action: Multicultural Alliance

    Multicultural Alliance (MA) is a student-led club that aims to promote cultural awareness and unity in our Upper School. Since its inception, it has served as an unofficial affinity space for students of color to share their daily lived experiences at Severn, and where allies are encouraged to join in and support. Over the past two years, under the leadership of Chéla Cunningham '21, Yeala Grimes '21, Abijah Pennant '21, and Maddie Skinner '21, the club's mission has grown to include more outreach and education as they examine issues and amplify the stories of historically underrepresented communities.
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  • Unity Day 2021: Watch Party

    Written by Chéla Cunningham '21 and Sarah Dixon '24
    On January 26th and 27th, Severn Upper School students, both remote and in-person, came together to focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organized by students for students, Unity Day is the culmination of club planning and open-minded conversation. Though it’s not an academic day, students walk away with a new-found understanding of the different perspectives held by their classmates.
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  • The Impact of Global Climate Change in Severn's Backyard

    From drama productions in the stone amphitheater to team-building exercises on the challenge course, teachers and students use the James M. Stine Environmental Center in many ways. But that is only part of the value it provides our school. Situated along the Severn River, the center is home to a diverse selection of native tree and plant species. It is a rich carbon sink that offsets some of our community's carbon footprint. But as climate change progresses and sea levels rise, the center is vulnerable. To explore what that might mean for our community, our Upper School Climate Science class conducted a in-depth study, bringing their understanding of global climate change home to our backyard.
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  • The Water Street Players Bring Radio Drama to Life with Gaslight

    Over the past few months, our Water Street Players faced more challenges than ever in creating their annual fall Upper School drama production. With distancing guidelines and rotating schedules, a typical performance simply was not possible. But they rose above these obstacles to create a truly impressive dramatic experience with the 1940s radio play, Gaslight. The result? A gripping, chilling performance that reached beyond the limits of traditional theater and kept the audience on the edge of their virtual seats.
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  • The Power of Positive Emotions in Times of Crisis

    by Upper School Counselor Samantha Straub, LGPC
    Adding purposeful positivity to our daily routines can make a significant impact on students' well-being, but often this is much easier said than done. Upper School Counselor Ms. Sam Straub shares her expertise on how to bring positivity into the classroom despite a seemingly endless string of challenges in today's world. She wrote the following piece for teachers, but any adult can use her ideas to help the children and teens in their lives.
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  • Our NHS speakers Chase O'Malley '21, Mori Sokoloff '21, Aislinn Murray '21, and Robert Isper '21

    Reflecting on Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Character

    The many voices that make up our school speak to our varied experiences and united ideals. At the National Honor Society and Cum Laude Society assembly, four students spoke about the core tenets of NHS: leadership, scholarship, service and character. Mentored by Upper School English Teacher and Severn Oratorical Society Advisor Dr. Jackie Baugh, Chase O'Malley ‘22, Mori Sokoloff ‘21, Aislinn Murray ‘21, and Robert Isper ‘21 spoke about their growth as members of our school community and as individuals finding their way in the world.
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  • The Upper School Honor Code Revisited

    Every fall, the Upper School gathers for the Honor Code Assembly during which all new members of our community sign the Honor Book and pledge a promise of integrity and respect for others. Because we can't gather in large numbers, this year's assembly was held on Zoom with the book-signing to follow in advisory. But that's not the only change to come for the Honor Code this year. Following a brief introduction by Upper School Head Mr. Steve Soden, Student Council President Daniel Babalola '21 called upon his peers to consider why Severn has an honor code and how we can use this unique time in our school's history to rewrite it. The following is an abridged version of his remarks.
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