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  • The Class of 2018 College Counseling Alumni Panel

    To the Class of 2020: Severn Gives You the Tools, the Rest is Up to You

    Searching for the right college isn’t always easy. From location to cost and curriculum to culture, each school offers a different mix of what our graduating seniors may (or may not!) want for their futures. With so many factors to consider coupled with natural anxiety about the unknown, it can be all too easy to feel stress rather than excitement about the jump from high school to college. To help ease this transition, a group of Severn alumni visited campus to share words of wisdom with our seniors.
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  • Presenting mathematical research in Mr. Otero's class.

    Upper Schoolers Use Data to Examine Global Warming

    As Headmaster Lagarde stated in his address to faculty at the beginning of the year, “Regardless of the field one goes into, data literacy — the ability to read, analyze and use the ever-rising tide of information — will be a must.” To learn these skills, students need practice with real data that is relevant to the world and their lives. Mr. Andrew Otero challenged his Algebra I classes to make persuasive, data-based arguments about global warming using mathematical models.
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  • Part of the Latin Club crew with Ms. Campbell.

    Severn's Junior Classical League Hosts Maryland Regional Certamen

    This November, Severn welcomed over a hundred students from local area schools to compete in a certamen — a trivia tournament about ancient Greek and Roman history and culture. One of many activities sponsored by Severn’s chapter of the Junior Classical League, the competition brought young Latin aficionados from all over Maryland to put their Classical knowledge to the test.
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  • Using the text to prepare arguments for the mock war crime trial.

    Upper Schoolers Debate the Ethics of War with Steinbeck

    In American Literature of War, upper schoolers examine the American wartime experience throughout our nation's history. Through novels, short stories, plays, and films inspired by historical events, this class investigates every aspect of human warfare — history, strategy, politics, economics, ethics, opposition and more. As Americans, these are the stories we tell about our place in the world. Recently, the class staged a mock war crimes trial to debate the moral dilemmas of occupation presented in John Steinbeck’s The Moon is Down.
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