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The Van Eney '09 Fellows Program

Class of 2022 Van Eney '09 Fellows Videos

Tradition in the Making

Following in the footsteps of their Class of 2021 peers, our Class of 2022 Van Eney '09 Fellows created short videos to highlight their process, findings, and overall experience in the program. Their videos and accompanying websites demonstrate their creativity, professionalism, and dedication to experiential, independent learning.

Modeling an NFL Draft Board

JP Meyer '22 and Campbell Grimes '22

Modeling an NFL Draft Board is a statistical analysis of the NFL Draft, taking a numbers-approach to a seemingly random process. If you follow the NFL in any way, you have probably heard an analyst say something along the lines of My model projects this player to be an All-Pro in a few years.” Team Draft, comprised of JP Meyer and Campbell Grimes, wanted to find out how this model just knows. With an intellectual movement beginning to take rise in the NFL, we set out to use a multiple regression model to take inputs of college and NFL Combine statistics to output a predictive player grade that measures success in the NFL."


Chase O'Malley '22

Inspired by the global blood shortages onset by COVID-19, this 3-phase project seeks to research the creation of synthetic blood in the lab. Consisting of a 4100+ word Scientific Literature Review submitted for publication, the development of a Standard of Practice detailing necessary in-lab steps, and actual scientific research via the creation of an in-school laboratory, this project exemplifies the capabilities of modern genetic engineering; cutting out the middleman in an effort to make life saving blood accessible to all."

Through My Eyes: The Immersive Synesthesia Experience

Elizabeth Biran '22

Through My Eyes is an immersive art exhibit that depicts the hidden world of synesthesia, a neurological condition I have that combines the senses. Beginning with creating detailed sketches, I have now created life-size, 3D installations to show the phenomenon of seeing colors” when music plays. I chose to have Through My Eyes takes place in the Annapolis Town Center, where three rooms of versatile shapes and color palettes depict Frank Oceans song Pyramids.” Imagine what its like when the soundscape of music becomes a landscape: here, you can see it for yourself."

The Experience

Devan Williams '22 and Keiran Collins '22

Our project seeks to create a podcast that truly captures the modern-day athletic experience and recruitment process of high school athletes by interviewing locals and hearing their stories. We created a diverse cast of high school and collegiate athletes, along with coaches and administrators, to capture many perspectives. We also spent time advertising our podcast and exploring the world of marketing through social media platforms to grow our audience."

Something Insightful

Ella Fingado '22

"Something Insightful is a podcast that simplifies complex social and political discussions pertaining to our modern world. The goal is to deconstruct the barrier between students and information; simplifying and explaining issues in a manner that is easier to understand ensures that people are better equipped for future conversations."

Hooked: A Young Adult Adventure Romance Novel

Kenna Paquin '22

Follow Kenna Paquin as she writes and edits the first draft of her young adult adventure novel. She spent the last year researching what it takes to become a published author, writing 10+ chapters, and editing her first copy (with the help of mr. FC, her mentor)."

Backyard Beekeeping

Alexa McFall '22

In my yearlong Fellows Project, I desired to become a more advanced beekeeper, raise awareness on declining bee populations, and encourage others to become backyard beekeepers. While pursuing these goals I decided to document my process and film how to keep bees. Then, at the end of the year I would have a video to showcase my work and research. What truly drove me to take on this challenge was my passion for helping and learning about the environment. I had so much fun completing this project, and Im excited to share my development as a beekeeper."

Building a Sports Nutrition Brand

Daniel Berlin '22

“Inspired by my passion for business and sport, Building a Sports Nutrition Brand is a deep dive into learning what it takes to develop a company from ideation to launch. I explore product development, market research, brand development, financial planning, and so much more––coming away with an athletic-recovery product and full-fledged business plan ready to pitch to investors. Along the way, I talked with successful entrepreneurs and companies within the industry, with the goal of fully immersing myself in the world of sports nutrition."


Rachel Weinberg '22

A cumulative account of my editorial style and learned cinematography techniques, my project, Filmmemory, is a composition of wedding videos that explores the art of preserving a couples love story through film. By experimenting with new equipment and gaining insight into the business side of the film industry, I worked to craft polished and personal wedding videos tailored to clientswishes. Following an internship with a local wedding video company in the summer, I filmed two weddings solo. I then edited each wedding film and created a third video to demonstrate a visual comparison between a film produced to please a client versus a video made with free artistic expression."

Severn Valor at Guadalcanal

Alex Brenia '22

"The goal of my project is to share the stories of Severn alumni RADM Herbert Schonland and RADM Bruce McCandless through original documents and model-building. I worked alongside Severn's archives department and constructed a 1/350 scale model of their ship, the U.S.S. San Francisco, to bring their stories to life and inspire more Severn students to explore our school's rich history of service."

Click here to visit Alex's website. 

The TechnoCart

Nate Krall '22 and Zach Roberge '22

Pursuing our interest in engineering, we set out to create a mobile operation center tailored for all things Severn Robotics. Our project entails planning, designing, 3D-modeling, and constructing the TechnoCart, which features cabinet and drawer storage, wooden paneling, and dual monitors housed in a collapsible lid – all within a mobile aluminum frame."

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