Middle School | Gr. 6-8

Valuing & Supporting Students

We Value Character

Civility and character are central to our mission at Severn School and to support that, we set clear expectations for our Middle School students. Our students are expected to behave according to the rules, policies, and standards outlined in the School Handbook, according to normally accepted standards of behavior, and in a manner that contributes positively to the community. 

Honor Code

Severn's major school rules are based upon integrity, respect, and personal responsibility. Students are expected to treat others as they would wish to be treated, as civility is central to the School's mission. In accordance with Severn’s mission statement, students in the Middle School are expected to pursue excellence in character, conduct, and scholarship. This applies to all facets of student life in the Middle School. A strong community relies on respect for work, property, and one another. Our expectation is that Middle School students will not give or receive help on assignments unless permitted by their teacher and will not copy work from another student or other source and present it as their own. Middle School students are expected to be honest and trustworthy and are expected not to lie, cheat or steal. 

Student of the Month

The Middle School Student of the Month program recognizes middle school students who demonstrate behaviors that directly reflect four major themes of Severn’s mission. The four major themes are:
  •      CHARACTER
  •      CONDUCT
  •      LEADERSHIP 
  •      SERVICE
Faculty and staff each may nominate up to two students per month who are found to be demonstrating these themes both inside and outside of the classroom. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge positive contributions to the Severn community by a student. Students are recognized publicly and are given a special maroon wristband to wear that reads "Student of the Month."

Dress Code

The dress code in the Middle School is just one example of the high standards we expect from our students. The dress code lists examples of clothes that students may wear to school.

The goals of the Middle School dress code are as follows:
  • Help students distinguish between dress for school and dress for informal activities
  • Prevent competition over clothing
  • Decrease the time spent pondering over what one should wear
  • Decrease the time spent on enforcement of the dress code in order to concentrate on the core matters of learning and teaching
  • Provide neat and comfortable student dress options
  • Increase pride in appearance and in Severn School
  • Promote modesty in appearance (school clothing is expected to fit and to be worn appropriately - at the discretion of the Middle School faculty and Middle School Head)

Dress Code Policy

List of 4 items.

  • Reach & Stretch Rule

    The Middle School utilizes the “reach and stretch rule” when determining appropriate fit of clothing. Standing straight with arms at sides, a student’s fingertips should not reach below the hem of the student’s skirt, skort, shorts. When hands are raised above the head, the student’s mid-drift should not be exposed.
  • Game-Day Dress

    Official Severn team jerseys are allowed for players on game days. White undershirts are required for wear beneath basketball and tennis jerseys and are optional for all other sports. Students may wear kilts or skirts/skorts if they are part of a game day uniform. Otherwise, pants and shorts/skirts must adhere to everyday dress code guidelines.
  • Consequences

    Students who are out of dress code may receive consequences including detention, requiring a parent to bring appropriate clothes to school, or other consequences at the discretion of the Middle School Dean of Students. Severn School reserves the right to change the dress code requirements during the academic year.
  • Dress-Down Days

    On dress-down days, students must wear clothing that is reasonable and appropriate for an academic day. Flat sneakers or flat leather tie shoes are required on free dress days. Short skirts, short shorts, cropped tops, tank tops, low-cut, or spaghetti strap shirts are examples of inappropriate free dress clothing. The ‘reach and stretch’ rule applies.

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