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  • The Severn Steel Drum Band in action!

    Playing in the Severn Steel Drum Band

    This October, our Lower School was proud to host Kevin Martin of Rockcreek Steel Drums for our 2019 Elizabeth Wegner Musician in Residence program. For four days, Kevin worked with kindergarten through fifth-grade students to prepare for a group performance on Friday. Chesapeake Campus buzzed with melodic, percussive energy for a week of learning, performing and fun!
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  • Ms. Florian demonstrates how to take on a character's persona using dramatic improvisation.

    Dramatic Improv Brings Unexpected Insights to the Classroom

    Improv isn’t just a technique for theater and comedy. At its core, dramatic improvisation is about being a creative and analytic thinker. It can be a powerful tool for students to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum while developing essential interpersonal skills like empathy, self-awareness, open-mindedness, and more. To set the stage for student success, drama and music teacher Ms. Holly Florian is bringing the magic of improv to our Lower School classrooms.
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  • 5th graders after finishing the challenge course!

    Conquering Challenges With Character

    In Mr. Lagarde’s opening remarks to faculty and staff this year, he noted traits to which we should aspire as a community including empathy, self-discipline, optimism, curiosity and creativity. These aren’t qualities you can teach from a book, they must be modeled and practiced through a variety of different experiences in and out of the classroom. Last week the entire 5th grade visited the Stine Environmental Center on Teel Campus to complete a low ropes course, demonstrating mindful teamwork and testing their ability to put these character traits into action.
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  • Severn School 1st graders are eager to share their thinking during number routines!

    Learning to Make Sense of Numbers

    When we talk about math we often talk about problems, equations and formulas. But behind the numbers and symbols, math is a way of thinking and exploring relationships. Factual knowledge about numbers is important, but far more valuable is the understanding of what numbers represent and how they relate to each other. This understanding, number sense, is the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts. From kindergarten through fifth grade, Lower School Math Specialist Mrs. Stacy Shaener teaches daily explorations of number relationships that get the whole class cheering about math.
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