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Community and Character

We Grow and Learn Together

We are dedicated to helping your child build an ethical foundation upon which their innate sense of basic goodness is supported and nurtured. We believe a well-rounded student should not only be academically successful but should also possess a strong, principled character. In our community  every child is known and valued, and both adults and other children model those qualities. We learn and grow together.
From day one, the youngest students are welcomed into the environment and looked after, not only by administrators, teachers, and parent volunteers, but most importantly by their older peers. As a parent of a 3-year-old, it gives you great comfort knowing your son or daughter is being cared for this way while they are at school.
— Early School Parent

Helping Hands

A sense of belonging to something bigger is a critical experience for young children.  In our Helping Hands program, our early schoolers are paired with lower school students to spend time each month reading together, working on special projects and even having lunch! These experiences create memorable friendships and a sense of belonging that begins in Early School and lasts a lifetime.
    • Severn Early School boys take a break from their work to pose with big smiles.

      Severn Early School boys take a break from their work to pose with big smiles.

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