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Campus Safety and Security

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Severn, the safety, well-being and security of our students and staff is a top priority. We establish systems to ensure everyone on campus is well-protected, safe and able to focus on the activities of school life. LiveSafe is part of our larger safety and security plan on both Teel and Chesapeake Campuses. 

LiveSafe at Severn

LiveSafe provides safety communication services to schools throughout the country through the user's smartphone. We now partner with LiveSafe for our emergency notification system. 

We are providing the LiveSafe app to all Middle and Upper school students, all faculty, all staff and all parents to download for free. The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with school administration enhancing your overall safety and allowing Severn to better protect you.

LiveSafe provides more features than simply e-notifications to users during weather or other emergencies. The sophisticated app, customized for our community, also provides a mobile platform that allows users to text message and receive replies from Severn personnel. Students, staff and parents will have a quick and easy means for alerting administration about anything that should be reported — or even just if they want something investigated. Through iPhone and Android devices, users will also have the ability to report GPS-tagged information with added pictures, videos and audio clips. When students, staff or parents send information, we will know where they are on campus and can respond immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

About LiveSafe

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  • What is LiveSafe?

    LiveSafe is a personal safety mobile app that Severn School is providing to all Middle and Upper school students, all faculty, all staff and all parents to download for free. The app provides a quick, convenient, and discreet way to communicate directly with school administration enhancing your overall safety and allowing Severn to better protect you.
  • What are the main features of the LiveSafe app?

    Core features of LiveSafe include:
    • Notice of weather event delays and closures. Severn will notify our community of any weather related delays or closures.
    • Report Tips. Submit tips related to safety concerns. Attach a photo, video, or audio file. Send anonymously if you choose.
    • Emergency Options. Administrators within Severn can leverage location data in an emergency situation, allowing faster response times.
    • Safety Map. Use the Safety Map to see where you are in relation to Severn buildings, safety places, and other information.
    • SafeWalk. Feel safer walking alone with SafeWalk, a peer-to-peer virtual escort tool.
    • Organization Resources. Quickly access Severn resources, such as phone numbers, just-in-time training, and emergency procedures.
  • Why would someone use LiveSafe in an emergency?

    If you have the capacity to make voice calls, LiveSafe encourages anyone in an emergency to always call 9-1-1. If you are unable to make a direct call due to situational or technical issues, or if you must be discreet, then LiveSafe reporting becomes advantageous. When the Emergency button is used to call 9-1-1, call Severn, or message Severn, location services are enabled to help emergency personnel find your location.
  • If I see something of concern, should I also tell a teacher or Severn administrator?

    Yes, you should report the issue of concern to a Severn employee if you are able. If the matter is not an emergency you can simply speak with a Severn employee about your matter.

About the App

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About Submitting Tips

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  • After I submit a tip I am prompted to chat with Severn. Do I have to chat with them?

    No, you do not have to chat with them. However, in order to return to the home screen, you have to click on the “Chat with Severn” button and then press the back button at the top left of the screen that appears.
  • What if I submit a tip which turns out to be a mistake?

    You are encouraged to share information with an employee at Severn so we are aware of the mistake. However, reports that are purposefully false will be handled appropriately by Severn.
  • When I send a tip via “report tips” is my location shared?

    When you submit a tip through "Report Tips," your current location is submitted, but tracking is not enabled. If you send a tip and then continue moving, Severn will only be able to see the location from which the tip was sent.
  • Is the anonymous feature really anonymous?

    Yes, if you toggle the “Send Anonymously” option when submitting a tip or emergency message, your user information will show up as anonymous in all of the fields. Even if Severn uses the Live Chat feature to obtain additional information, you will still appear as anonymous. Severn may obtain your personal information from LiveSafe in the event of an emergency.  If misused, Severn will get your personal information for LiveSafe.

About Emergency Options

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About Safewalk

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  • If someone doesn’t have the LiveSafe app, can they still watch me through SafeWalk?

    Yes. Friends and family members can virtually escort you from one place to another without downloading the app or joining Severn’s part of the app. When you invite friends and family members to watch you walk, they can connect either through the app or through a web view on their phone. 
  • Can I SafeWalk with Severn?

    No, the SafeWalk feature is peer-to-peer; therefore, you share your location exclusively with the contacts you invite. Severn does not have the capability to serve as a virtual escort. 

About Location Tracking

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