Lower School | K-Gr. 5

Character Education

The Good in Every Child

We are dedicated to helping children build an ethical foundation upon which each child’s innate sense of basic goodness is supported and nurtured for the benefit of themselves and others. A well-rounded student should not only be academically successful but should also possess a strong, principled character.

Character Can Be Taught

Educating for Character is a school-wide program designed to attend to the emotional, social, and psychological development of children. Educating for Character includes direct instruction and practice through our Heartstrings program, Helping Hands program, Open Doors, projects, assemblies, classroom discussions, and many other activities on service, bullying, ethical behavior, and conflict resolution that motivate and inspire students to incorporate positive values into their lives.

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  • Heartstrings

    Empathy, problem solving, handling difficult emotions—it’s all part of the curriculum at Severn's Lower School. Through Heartstrings, Severn’s character education program, wise mentors model new ways for children to deal with academic and emotional challenges, to manage their own learning, and to help along their peers. Good character can be learned, and we teach it here.

    The Heartstrings social-emotional curriculum strengthens social responsibility by building a foundation of understanding and respect for others. Our program celebrates and appreciates people and their perspectives, addresses the social-emotional needs of the individual student, and educates the whole child by furthering important social skills.

    The Lower School uses the Second Step character education program and supplemental books and hands-on learning activities that support and reinforce the concepts being taught. Focused grade-level activities address age-appropriate strategies for areas such as 
    • Empathy
    • Problem Solving
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Mindfulness
    • Bullying Prevention
  • Helping Hands

    The Helping Hands program is structured for and aimed at educating the whole child by furthering social skills, creating a healthy learning environment, and providing a proactive context for establishing positive relationships by providing for leadership opportunities for students throughout the grades. 

    Students in the upper elementary grades are assigned as partners to students/classes in the lower grades. Teachers select times for students to collaborate to accomplish set goals, read together, eat lunch together, attend assemblies, etc. 

    Grade level partnerships are as follows: 2nd & PS, 3rd & PK, 4th & 1st, 5th & Kindergarten.
  • Open Doors

    Open Doors is a program designed to promote education to Lower School students on the topic of diversity. It is geared toward reflecting and appreciating how we are different from one another and how we are similar. The ultimate goal is to reflect upon barriers that people create based on differences we have from one another. 

    Lower School students enjoy the time to openly discuss their thoughts in a safe environment. Some recent Open Doors session topics include:

    Violet: How are We Unique?  
    How we are alike but also different in our families.

    The Cracked Pot

    Everyone is a winner in his or her own way. 

    Your Song
    Each of us has different talents and gifts.

Admiral Attitude

The Admiral Attitude is our honor code; it guides our interactions and responsibilities as members of our community. It lights the way as we help our students develop a sense of empathy and compassion, learn how to work with others, and radiate kindness and camaraderie as we walk the halls together. As Severn Admirals, we do the right thing all the time —even when no one is looking.

Admiral Beliefs

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  • Preschool - First Grade

    • I am safe. I will act safely.
    • I belong. You belong. We are a community.
    • I am respected. I will respect you.
    • I will learn. I will help you learn.
    • I will celebrate you and me.
  • Second - Fifth Grade

    • I have the right to a safe school; therefore, I have the responsibility to act in a safe manner that supports positive relationships and a positive learning environment.
    • I have the right to belong to my school community; therefore, I have the responsibility to accept and support others in my school community.
    • I have the right to be respected; therefore, I have the responsibility to be respectful to all students, faculty, parents, and guests.
    • I have the right to learn in a manner that promotes creativity and excellence therefore, I have the responsibility to come to school ready to learn and to listen and respect others’ ideas, experiences and learning styles.
    • I have the right to celebrate my achievements; therefore, I have the responsibility to recognize and praise the success of others.

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