Visiting Artists Bring Us Together

We make it a priority to teach our students about the value of the arts in society. We want every student to have an appreciation for the talent, dedication and purposeful practice necessary to be a successful performing artist. These visiting performers broaden our understanding of different genres of music and performance styles while exploring opportunities available for students. The musician-in-residence workshops and performances bring our community together to learn, practice and share in the joy of great music.

Dillon Moran Musician-in-Residence

Dillon Moran was the embodiment of a Severn student – a serious scholar, athlete and musician who truly exhibited a passion for life and the Severn community. A friend to all, Dillon will be remembered for many things including his enthusiasm for music. He loved music of all kinds and this resident musician program is designed to inspire all Severn students to appreciate great music the way that Dillon did.

— Headmaster Doug Lagarde

2019 Creative Connections

We were proud to host the seventh annual Dillon Moran Musician in Residence visit with Creative Connections! Creative Connections is an international organization that provides unique opportunities to creatively explore and express stories, ideas and emotions through music. They describe their mission as “A true collaboration between youth, educators, community members and professional musicians, synergistically giving life to the idea of music making and the traditionally held views of teacher, performer and student. Creative Connections embraces the belief that we all learn and encounter life in unique ways and uses music to channel those differences into a beautiful shared experience for both participants and audience members alike.”
    • Creative Connections interacts with the crowd during their morning presentation.

      Creative Connections interacts with the crowd during their morning presentation.

About the Program

Dillon Moran '13
The Dillon Moran Musician in Residence program was created in the Fall of 2012 to commemorate the passion, exuberance and solid musicianship exemplified by Dillon Moran, Severn School Class of 2013. Dillon’s life was tragically cut short in the fall of 2011 as the result of an accident at his home in Davidsonville, Maryland.

The purpose of the program is to invite outside musicians to spend a defined period of time at Severn working with students, faculty, and the entire community to inspire, create and perform great music. The visiting musician will share his/her talent with Severn students and hopefully provide a fresh approach and new ways of bringing music to life in the Severn community.

Past Resident Musicians

  • 2012-13 Matt Scannell
  • 2013-14 The Onus Trio with special guest Helen Sung
  • 2014-15 Eric Hutchinson
  • 2015-16 Charles Yang & Peter Dugan
  • 2016-17 Marissa McGowan & Will Reynolds
  • 2017-2018 Ball in the House
  • 2018-2019 Creative Connections

Elizabeth Wegner Memorial Musician-in-Residence

2018 Unified Jazz Ensemble

Our Lower School was proud to host Mike Noonan and the Unified Jazz Ensemble for our 2018 Elizabeth Wegner Musicians in Residence Program. For four days, members of the group worked with kindergarten through fifth-grade students to prepare for a group performance on Friday. Chesapeake Campus buzzed with rhythmic, jazzy energy for a week of learning, performing and fun!

The Unified Jazz Ensemble is dedicated to bringing the best of jazz to audiences of all ages. Founded in 1992, the UJE engages listeners in innovative performances of jazz standards and original compositions. Ensemble members: Mike Noonan, John Pineda, Frank Russo, and Tim Stanley.
    • Unified Jazz Ensemble on the bass violin, vibraphone and drums.

      Unified Jazz Ensemble on the bass violin, vibraphone and drums.

About the Program

The Elizabeth Wegner Memorial Musician in Residence program continues Mrs. Wegner’s legacy of instilling a joy for music by providing unique musical opportunities for the Lower School students of Severn School.

Beth Wegner taught music here for 14 years before her passing in 2014. She was always intent on providing a setting in which children are allowed to discover their own talent in the making of music, the composing of it even at an early age, and the performance of it.

Past Resident Musicians

  • 2014-2015 Kevin Martin of Rockcreek Steel Drums

Lower School

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Chesapeake Campus
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Middle/Upper School

Grade 6-12
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