Graw Innovation Center

Tools in the GIC

RXNT Fully Loaded

The Graw Innovation Center RxNT Tech Lab is equipped state-of-the-art tools for students to iterate their way through any design or engineering challenge. This is where user-centered design comes to life.

Transforming Drawings into 3D Objects

uPrintSE Plus - 3D Printing of moveable assemblies and in color!
Our signature 3D printer creates moveable objects up to 8"x8"x6" in dimension. The objects are made with ABS plastic and there are at least 10 different color choices

uPrintSE - 3D Printing of moveable assemblies
This 3D printer creates moveable objects up to 8"x6"x6" in dimension. The objects are made with ABS plastic in a standard white color.

Laser System to Cut and Edge with Precision

Universal VLS3.5 Laser System 
This laser system will etch and cut a variety of materials including paper, acrylic, leather, woods, etc. It will etch harder materials like glass and certain metals. The work surface is 24"x12" and will cut through objects that burn or melt up to .4" in depth (depending on the hardness of material).

3D Carving on a variety of materials

Carvey (Inventables). Carvey is a fully-enclosed CNC router that makes 3D carving clean, quiet, and safe. The machine is programmed with a free web-based software, Easel, which is accessible to students of all ages. The work surface is 8"x12"x2.75" and can carve wood, plastics, and even some soft metals!


Create, cut and then heat press logos, sayings and graphics onto T-shirts, tablecloths, linens and other fabrics. ​Design and cut graphics and lettering for walls and windows. ​


  • Drills - Electric and hand-crank (rotary) 
  • Saws - Electric jigsaw, hacksaw, wood-saw, 10" pull saw
  • Measuring - tape measures, dial caliper, angle square, compass, 40" ruler
  • Cutting - box knives, hobby knives, scissors, drill bits, tin snips, wire cutters, including various clamps for holding materials
  • Joining - staple guns, glue guns, 
  • Handtools - screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, pliers, hammer, mallet
  • Electrical - soldering irons & stands, ac/dc multimeters
  • Sewing - 2 sewing machines, bobbins, thread, needles, seam ripper, cloth tape measure
  • Safety - gloves, eye protection, first aid kit, respirator masks, aprons, fire extinguisher


These items are consumable, in-stock amounts will vary:
  • Balsa Wood
  • Acrylic sheets
  • ABS/Support & PLA 3D printing material
  • Fabric


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Lower School

Preschool-Grade 5
Chesapeake Campus
1185 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Arnold, MD 21012

Middle/Upper School

Grade 6-12
Teel Campus
Severna Park, MD 21146