Rotunda Roundup

Celebrating Your Stories

Severn's Centennial Rotunda, at the entryway of Teel Academic Center, boasts two-story interior walls which are inscribed with the name of every Severn graduate. Rotunda Roundup is our home for Class Notes, where we celebrate the stories of our alumni.

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  • Class of 1953

    Stan Bass and his family are well, living in the San Diego area. 
    John and Cathy Fisher are also well, nicely cared for by their family in the family compound in Palo Alto. “Our daughters, Carolyn and Anna, who are middle/high school math teachers are both conducting their classes from home using the app Zoom. Our daughter Lynn and her husband are homeschooling their two children while trying to handle their own jobs. Lynn and her business partner own an architectural business which is affected by the shut-down of residential construction. Our oldest daughter, Joan, and her husband are also teachers (in the Philadelphia area) and are also working virtually. Another daughter, Susan, and her husband, living in southern California, are working from home. Their two college age children are taking classes online. But everyone is well and getting used to the new normal.”
  • Class of 1954

    Bruce Hawtin and classmates had hoped to be on campus on October 17th for Reunion Homecoming, but we are eager to welcome them in the fall of 2021. Hawtin noted, “By tradition, we have always gathered at Cantler's for Friday evening crabs. Since crabs are my favorite food in the world, we will continue that tradition! Aren’t we living through some strange times?” 

    Brent Taylor wrote in after sharing the last Bridge magazine: “I received my Bridge magazine and sat down immediately for an hour reading this beautiful edition. How y’all produce such an amazing production with interesting stories and such colorful photography is beyond me. I was editor of a puny little rag in 1953-54 called the Bridge and beat guys over the head to turn in something so I could take it down town (hitchhiking all the way) to get it printed. Always an Admiral!”  
  • Class of 1955

    Doug Gates shared these beautiful reflections on Coach Lindsay: 
    "It would be near impossible for me to ignore the call to remember Coach Lindsay, for he, along with headmaster Roland Teel, made an impact on my life that has carried me through, in so many ways, to this very day. Knowing that I had suspect academic promise, Mr. Teel, nonetheless, enrolled me in my junior year on a one marking period trial basis. As he told my mother,  "let's see how he does". I graduated, not with any sort of honors, but well enough, and accepted into college. That chance, that rish, changed my life. What about Parker Lindsay? Well, He asked me if I'd ever played football. My response, "a little". I wound up as offensive center and defensive linebacker both junior and senior years, and I kicked off every game. Why he picked me, I know not, for I could only get the ball to about the 10 yard line. Football season over, Coach Lindsay asked, "Have you ever played Lacrosse?". My response, "I've never seen a game." So Coach Lindsay pointed across the campus and said, "Do you see that block wall over there? From now until Spring, I want you at that wall, with a lacrosse stick and ball practicing skills." I did what he asked. I made the JV team as a defenseman that Spring, and varsity the following Spring. He was a good coach, patient, supportive, and I remember, in particular, that he would always touch me on the shoulder while giving one on one coaching instructions. He truly was a kind man. It was well known that he was a Lacrosse Midfield All American for the University of Maryland. It's hard to believe that it has been 67 years since Ii first stepped foot on the Severna Park campus. How can that be? There were probably no more than 25 of us in the class of 1955. Many went to the USNA, the rest of us sprinkled about. I went to Washington College, from small to small; perfect for me. So, to my favorite coach, 'thanks for the memory.'"
  • Class of 1956

    George N. Benjamin, III wrote in to share this update:
    “I have been living on the Northern Neck of Virginia on the little Wicomico River where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Potomac River by Smith Point Lighthouse. I’m now close to family who are all on the east coast. I have found old and new friends in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, providing exposure to good restaurants and shopping. I have joined the local "Wood Workers Guild" and am completing the reestablishment of my own shop. Last year I acquired a new 30 foot center console to better handle the sea conditions in the lower Bay and offshore--and yes I put every modern electronic device available on it!  I have spent my time fixing up the property, both outside and inside and am currently remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. We say that we are living in the ‘promised land’!”
  • Class of 1958

    Al Cheston shared this update, “After Severn, I went Military (infantry to special forces) to University of MD. Teaching East coast to Oregon & Washington. Bible School to ministry staff. Follow Severn's endeavors (prayerfully). Lead On!!”
  • Class of 1959

    Members of the Class of 1959 enjoyed camaraderie at their traditional lunches pre-COVID-19. (Pictured)
  • Class of 1961

    George Leydic and his sister Margie, who grew up in Severn’s Alumni House (116 Maple Avenue) swung by in the new year to tour their old family home. They were accompanied by George's wife Linda, their son Teth, and Margie's husband. George and Margie have very fond memories of living in the property, and George was really happy to be able to walk through again with his sister. (Pictured)
    We recently read up on Robert (Bob) Heaton, who is a professor at University of California at San Diego.  Bob received his B.S. in International Affairs from the U.S. Air Force Academy and his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Washington. In 1987 he became the UCSD Director of the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, which recently has been ranked the #1 Clinical Psychology program in the U.S. by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Since 2005 Bob has been the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs for the Department. Dr. Heaton’s research focuses on three areas: effects of HIV and comorbid conditions on the brain and behavior; psychometric issues in neuropsychology; and schizophrenia. Bob’s work has been done in the US and multiple international locations including China, India, Brazil, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Zambia, and Cameroon. He has received the National Academy of Neuropsychology award for distinguished career contributions, and is the past President of the Clinical Neuropsychology Division of the American Psychological Association.
  • Class of 1962

    Holly Carroll and Shannon Howell enjoyed catching up with Robert Kesmodel, Bill Ogden, and Jim Nolan on a trip to Florida in early 2020. (Pictured)
  • Class of 1964

    Ron Dabbieri wrote in to share, I'm delighted to participate in this recognition of Mr. Linsday as i have fond memories of him as the Football Coach during the 1963-64 season, his final year as coach.  I was a starter on that football team and was proud that we could break his four year 32 game losing streak and win three games that year and even threw a scare into a might Gilman team. We ended the season with a 34-8 drubbing of a very good St. Paul’s team to let Coach Lindsay go out winning.
    I'm also the proud grand-uncle of two present Severn students, Nathan '30 and Flynn '31 Dabbieri. Their dad, Ryan, is my business partner so I'm more like a grandfather so i get to keep up with Severn first hand from a parent.”
    Leo Murray wrote in to share this news: “The virus crises cut in half our 4.5 month world cruise. Silversea did a great job flying us from Sydney to Geneva and everyone to where they wanted to go. Our half world cruise was great. We visited South America, Antarctica, Robinson Island, Easter Island, Bora Bora island and many other places.” (Pictured)
  • Class of 1966

    Dan Graham has this update: “I am still working, as a professor of philosophy at Brigham Young University.  (I am planning to retire soon.)  Things have gotten weird with the coronavirus.  Our classes are suspended, but we are teaching them online--which is possible with today's technology, but the situation is not ideal.  I send my best to all of you.  I hope you can all hunker down and ride out the present crisis.  Let me end with  some sage advice from my former Severn teacher Commander Jack Seager: ‘He who faileth to memorize his valences shall fall upon his wing-wing.’”

    John Horne is “closing in on 25 years basking in the Arizona sunshine. After many years as an organizational development consultant I "retired" to a more active life as a Park Ranger at the Phoenix (AZ) Zoo. It's a job that literally challenges you to deal with all sorts of unusual and often unique issues . Also I have 12 years as an Aircrew/Airborne Photographer member of the Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary).  Lots of fitness workouts to fit in the back seat of those little Cessna 182 aircraft.”

    Ty Ford “looks back pretty fondly at those years [at Severn]. They prepared me better than I would have imagined .I’m on the north side of Baltimore, just inside the beltway. I hooked up with Charlie Stevens and Jim Martin a few times. This past summer I was contacted by a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. He told me he was moving from Oxon Hill, MD to Baltimore City and wanted to talk to me about becoming the Technical Director of his newly formed “National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre On The Air.”  He was taking Edgar Allan Poe stories and making 20 minute “audio movies” with actors, sound effects, music and Foley. Would I help him? I hadn’t worked with a partner in years. We negotiated a rate and I told him that we should do one show and if we didn’t hate each other afterwards, do another. The shows would be uploaded to WYPR-FM; a public radio station in Baltimore. They could be downloaded or streamed. We first record and edit all dialog. Then, using dialog as a skeleton, we add music, sound effects and Foley. From recording dialog to mixing and mastering, each twenty minute show takes twelve to fourteen hours to produce. After three shows and three months, WYPR told us that our three shows had been downloaded 6,000 times. Wow! And that figure did not account for streaming. By the end of the year, WYPR was so positive about our series that they convinced NPR to post them on the NPR National website. We are now seeking contacts at BBC for further distribution and, because we’ve been told that our work sounds like “little movies without pictures”, we are considering producing Anime versions to reach a whole new market.” (Pictured)

    Tom Montgomery is “trying to enjoy a well-earned retirement in Florida (sixth time for living here), after a 45-year career as a professional engineer in the heavy-construction industry (and as a reserve enlisted Marine [6 years] and a reserve commissioned Naval officer [22 years]).  I have also been involved in several Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and HOA boards around the country, and dabbled briefly as an elected public official here in FL.” 
    Taylor Stedman currently splits his time between Vermont and Florida.
  • Class of 1969

    Leif Elsmo was back on campus pre-COVID, mentoring Severn junior Britt Bordes as part of a public speaking class project. (Pictured)
  • Class of 1970

    Glenn Frame wrote in: "I am enjoying retirement on the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast after 16 years in the defense industry and 23 years in the wireless communication business.  I came to Severn as a 7th grader in 1964 from the public school system. The adjustment was very difficult and I almost flunked out that 1st year. But Severn taught me some discipline and showed me how to study.  After I buckled down and realized I really had to "crack the books" I did well.  Also, after I sat off many demerits in Saturday study hall in the old admin building my conduct really improved. I am very grateful to my family for sending me to Severn. I have so many fond memories of attending classes in those old buildings like A and B shack. They had boarding students living on the 2nd and 3rd floors and classes on the 1st floor. They demolished D shack which was across the street from the ivy covered Admin Building.  This was done to make room for the new brick dormitory. My 7th grade class was in C Shack on the corner of Maple Ave. and Water St. We used to watch the construction workers build that dorm while sitting in our classroom, especially during Mrs. Broaddus' Latin Class.  In closing, I'll never forget the wonderful coaches (Buddy Beardmore and Lee Curry) and all the instructors who were former military and whom we addressed by their rank (Captain Ogden, Captain Marable, and General Hommell). And the great mentors, like our headmasters, Mr. Divenuto, and Mr. Kesmodel, and Mr. Lindsay.  I have two sisters who also graduated from Severn, Michele Frame '80 and Tara Frame '87. Also, current Severn students in the next generation - my nephew, Gavin Wicker '22 and my niece Reese Wicker '26.  I guess we started somewhat of a family tradition at Severn after I finally got my act together back in 1964!”
  • Class of 1974

    George Corey owns Wye Tree Landscaping and met up with Monty Baker ‘59 to discuss some work on the Baker’s yard. George recognized Monty from a picture he saw in the Bridge! They have built a strong friendship over the last few years and always reconnect over Severn.
  • Class of 1975

    Bob Angell is still writing stories: "I received the first Severn Creative Writing Award in 1975 at graduation ... and my first novel, BEST GAME EVER, an LGBTQ YA VR AI thriller was published last May 2019 to great reviews. My husband, Ben, and I have been together now for 32 years." Congrats, Bob!
  • Class of 1977

    Dave Wooldridge wrote in with an update: “I’m still hanging around with Mike Cerny. Some people never learn ... seems like yesterday racing my green big against Cerny’s orange bug or Jim’s Celica. Of course the one time Mike did drive the Vette to the prom ... I’m currently down in Naples, FL for the winter and Bay Ridge Annapolis in the summer. Flying Airbus 330s for Delta as a Captain after being there for 30 years. I have two boys--one College of Charleston and the other at South Carolina. I’m also remarrying this year.”
  • Class of 1983

    Patrick Smith wrote in with this update: “I’m still in the Navy, serving with Marines at Marine Corps Air Station New River. I’ll have one more tour before I retire in 2023. My family and I live in Swansboro, NC. My wife Tammie is a pre-school director in Jacksonville, NC. Two of my children, despite my sea stories and warnings, joined the military and serve with me in the Armed Service. My oldest son is in the Marine Corps serving as an infantryman in 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment. My middle son is in the Navy serving as an Aviation Bosun Mate (Fueler). He recently left the USS Harry S Truman and is now stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana. My youngest is Captain of the lacrosse team at Swansboro High School and will graduate this spring. He is going into the local EMT program with a goal of being a paramedic.  Severn inspired me toward service to God and Country and I guess I’ve passed that on to my kids.  To my old friends, I miss you as classmates and grateful for all the times we’ve been together.  Admirals Always!”
  • Class of 1987

    Joel Wallenstrom, CEO & President of Wickr and world-renowned information security expert, visited Severn in February 2020. After sharing his story and answering questions at an Upper School meeting, he met with our Cyber Patriots club, AP computer science principles class, the Investment Club, and computer science coding class. The secret to his success? "Preparation. It's something I work on every day — I look at the important tasks, whether they are personal or professional, and make sure that I'm using my time appropriately. If you use your time well, life can be so much more fun. You can be more effective in your academics or professional life and you'll have a lot more time to do the things that really fulfill you."
  • Class of 1989

    Congratulations to Kate Orff for being named one of InStyle’s Badass Women of 2020. “I’m inspired by women who actively look, listen, and engage in the world and connect the dots,” says the landscape architect and founder of Scape, whose ecological designs adapt to climate change and encourage people to protect nature.” Kate was also recognized at the American Society of Landscape Architects 2019 Awards, elevated to their Council of Fellows, recognizing significant contributions to the profession of landscape architecture and society as a whole.
  • Class of 1991

    Andy Dehart hosted Development office team Shannon Howell and Holly Carroll in their trip to Miami in February 2020 at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami, where he is the Vice President of Animal Husbandry and Marine Conservation. Andy has more than 25 years of experience in animal husbandry at several major public aquariums throughout North America. As VP of Animal Husbandry he oversees all animal husbandry operations, aquatic life support operations, and wildlife rehabilitation programs and manages a talented animal care staff that are dedicated to the welfare of the animal collection. 

    Alexander Dzurec and his architectural firm
    Autotroph received an American Institute of Architects-Santa Fe Innovation award for their Pixelated Pueblo concept. "Pixelated Pueblo is an evolution of other work we had done in the midtown area," Dzurec said. "We built a building out of shipping containers and worked with YouthWorks to do a portal, the whole objective about a different kind of paradigm of bringing the buildings up to the street instead of the parking lots we have now."
    It was an honor and joy to welcome back Sara Smith Root to Severn’s 2019 Veterans Day Lower School assembly for students and parents arranged by the class of 2027. The assembly featured the Upper School Instrumental Ensemble, patriotic songs sung by our students, and moving remarks from our students and guest speakers. Special thanks to Colonel Root '91 (US Army), for sharing her perspective on what it means to serve.
  • Class of 1992

    Carmen Fifer Bailey lent a helping hand to her classmate Milford’s daughter Katie Marchant ‘19 move out of her dorm at San Diego State when the university closed campus due to COVID-19, getting her belongings moved into storage and getting her safely to the airport.
  • Class of 1993

    Christy Cole Wade '93 shares that Zach '92 is hard at work with his brother Ryan developing real estate up and down the east coast. Christy is teaching and going to school to be a language therapist. “Our son Jack is playing football and debating for The Potomac School. Haden our youngest enjoys lacrosse, wrestling and football at Mater Del School."
  • Class of 1995

    We loved seeing Allison Clark Collins featured on a recent television news segment with her children Jake and Libby, about healthy cooking and eating with children. We were even more excited when she taught three Zoom cooking classes to Severn Lower School students in May!
    Bonnie Mitchell wrote in from South Florida, where she is a small animal veterinarian. “My husband is also a veterinarian. We each own our own practices and have three daughters. Life is good.” 
  • Class of 1997

    After 3 more years in Sitka, Alaska, where she was leading a small home health agency, Amanda Kellaher Walker and her family moved back to Maryland this summer. “Though our son Rhett is sad to leave Sitka after living here from 3 to 6 years old and again from 9 to 11 years old, he is beyond excited to join the class of 2027 and started 6th grade at Severn in the fall.”
  • Class of 1998

    Ebony Flowers’ work “Lines” appeared in the end of year issue of The New Yorker Magazine’s Sketchbook. Congrats Ebony! Ebony was honored earlier this year as one of Severn’s “40 Under 40” alumni.

    Zack Mills recently opened a new restaurant True Chesapeake Oyster Co. at the Historic Whitehall Mill in Baltimore.  The overall concept of the restaurant is something that he and his  partners refer to as "restorative dining," which starts with highlighting the environmental impact of the farm and its work to restore the Chesapeake Bay’s oyster population. "When I decided to step away from Wit last June, I was planning on taking some time off to reset," Mills says. "But once it was known that I was leaving, I got a phone call from a mutual friend who told me I should reach out to Patrick. We went and had coffee, he explained this new project, and the next week I came in and looked at the space. I was pretty much signed on after that." During the pandemic, Zack has been  part of a team of #plateitforward local chefs, who are making and delivering meals to individuals who have gone above and beyond during this crisis. 
  • Class of 1999

    Metal sculptor and professor of sculpture Christian Benefiel was recently featured in Chesapeake Bay magazine article “Heavy Metal”. He was the  recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award and a Fulbright grant that took him to Finland, and has conducted residencies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and at Pirkkala Sculpture in Finland, as well as the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. Christan’s work has been shown in galleries from North Carolina and Maryland to Estonia and Latvia. 
  • Class of 2000

    Earlier this year, Cam Bowdren and wife Claire were able to open their new nanobrewery on Fourth Street in Eastport, Forward Brewing for outdoor dining and carryout. So far, the  Bowdrens have contract-brewed two beers, a Kolsch-style ale called Boat Beer and a hoppy red ale, called Red Tape.. The taproom will be outfitted with 12 taps that will slowly be filled out as the brewery gets up and running, Bowdren said: “Being small offers other advantages, such as recycling spent grain, utilizing a trash room — rather than a dumpster — to sort waste and sourcing food locally to reduce environmental impact.” The Bowdrens also plan to share spent grain with local farms for animal feed and plan to fun oyster planting in the Chesapeake Bay. 
    Lauren Faust Hanzel recently returned to active duty for a year in Norfolk, VA after living in Charleston, SC. She is partnering with Alumni House to explore ways to introduce students to military career options.  She also served as an alumni mentor in Dr. Baugh’s American Public Address class this spring for students learning about the ways in which public speaking intersects with careers.
  • Class of 2001

    Hats off to Brady Nolan '01 on his firm Till, Inc. being named as a Top 25 finalist for the Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability. "We’re honored to be among the creative solutions Ivory Innovations is identifying to solve local and national housing affordability challenges."
  • Class of 2002

    Sarah Jane Dunaway’s paintings were recently on display at Circle Gallery on State Circle in historic Annapolis as part of their exhibition, Melange II. (PHOTO) Alumni Director Carrie Grimes loved catching up over coffee with Sarah Jane in Annapolis earlier this year. Sarah Jane also keeps very busy managing her creative design firm, where Severn alum Patrick Wong ‘17 interned last summer, and where she hosted alumna Jillian North ‘19 for her independent senior project. (Pictured)

    Dr. Courtney Hattan was the recipient of the ILA Timothy & Cynthia Shanahan Outstanding Dissertation Award! This national award is given annually for a dissertation completed in reading or literacy. Courtney is currently an Assistant Professor of Elementary Literacy Education in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University. When she’s not teaching literacy, Courtney also teaches yoga.
  • Class of 2003

    NFL on CBS’s Evan Crowther-Washburn Zoomed into the Upper School this spring, as a guest lecturer in Dr. Baugh’s American Public Address class. He shared his insight about a career in front of the camera, and also was a guest on our first Zoom version of the Admiral’s Club Alumni Podcast. 

    Charleston artist Julia Deckman made a special appearance at Severn’s Nashville auction this spring, where she donated a commissioned piece. She also does pet portraits and recently completed this one for history department chair Renie Sotiropoulos. “It made me smile.”  You can find more of Julia’s work at or visit her new studio in Charleston! 

    Darshan Kharod was back on campus recently visiting with Severn’s Model UN club, offering a seminar in public speaking. 
  • Class of 2005

    DJ Baines who used to be “The Admiral”mascot for Severn, is an attorney and recently left Murnane & O’Neill in Glen Burnie and began working for Ewing, Dietz, Fountain & Kaludis, P.A. in Easton. He has been practicing since 2013 and focuses on personal injury matters. 

    Ashley McCarl Harrison shared this alumnae kids playdate photo Isla Alexander (Lesley Sutherland ‘05), Grant Harrison (Ashley McCarl ‘05) and Leo DiMenna (Janessa DelSesto ‘05) in downtown Annapolis - all 3 years old! 

    Sarah Meisenberg was recently inducted into Franklin and Marshall’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Meisenberg is one of the most accomplished student-athletes in the history of Severn and Franklin & Marshall, having excelled in two sports, and having been named an All-American in both basketball and lacrosse. One of only seven All-Americans in women's basketball history, Meisenberg earned the honor in 2008 when she was also named the Centennial Conference Player of the Year. She is one of only four players in conference history to amass at least 1,500 points, 400 rebounds, and 250 assists in a career. Meisenberg, a 5-foot-8 combination guard, was a two-time, first team All-Centennial Conference selection in basketball. In lacrosse, Meisenberg was a three-time, first team All-Centennial Conference choice. She was named a first team All-American in 2009 and 2008 after earning second team honors in 2007. Meisenberg also garnered Franklin & Marshall’s distinguished Karvasales Outstanding Senior Female Athlete Award for her career efforts.
  • Class of 2006

    Anastacia Adam was married on November 16, 2019 in San Francisco, CA to Jeff Begin. Classmate Garrett Nicholson officiated the ceremony. Many alumni were in attendance.
    Kirsten Huson wrote in with an update that she is “living in downtown Annapolis and working as a Regional Operations Director at DaVita, a healthcare provider of dialysis services. I joined DaVita ~2.5 years ago and returned to the area after going to business school at Vanderbilt. My role is a quintessential general manager role and in addition to financial results I am accountable for the health outcomes of about 650 patients in the PG county area.”

    Kate McClain got engaged to fiance Brian in late December 2019 in Longboat Key, Florida. Congratulations Kate! 

    Maggie Pierce Andargie married Henock Andargie at the Anderson House in Washington, D.C. on October 13, 2019 with best friend Courtney Laughlin '06 by her side. Maggie's wedding was also featured in Martha Stewart Wedding. Maggie and Henock welcomed twins Zola and Ezana on September 2. (Pictured)
  • Class of 2008

    Emily Kohlenstein is now a mom of four, having given birth to twin girls Jaclyn and Riley in September 2019. She and her husband made the move to Severna Park and are now neighbors to Severn School and Severn Park High School. She is going on six years working as the Exhibition Manager at Maryland Hall in Annapolis, MD and loves curating art exhibits and partnering with other arts organizations. Emily also manages Maryland Hall’s internship program.
  • Class of 2009

    Josephine Cipriano was named the Poet of the Week by Brooklyn Poets! Brooklyn Poets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry. Josie’s  poetry has been featured in Epiphany, Soliloquies Anthology, Meniscus, Allegory Ridge and elsewhere. This past winter, she received a Brooklyn Poets Fellowship for study in Jason Koo’s Blank Verse workshop. 

    Katie Dickerson graduated from Stanford Medical School and will be pursuing her residency at Harvard this fall at Brigham and Women's/Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency.  She also was recently engaged to Blake Mays. 

    Dominique Thompson Mann is now a licensed social worker in MD and DC and works with families in foster care in both jurisdictions. She teaches yoga on the weekends at Endless Boundaries Dance Studio. In addition, she recently got married on May 19, 2019, to Abner (AJ) Mann Jr. who also attended Severn for his ninth and tenth grade years. 
    Ariel Mitchell's play Give Me Moonlight, had its world premiere in February 2020. The show was produced by Rapid Lemon Productions at The Motor House in Baltimore. Give Me Moonlight is a surrealist play that tells the fictionalized true story of Bessie and Albert Johnson, a couple in early 1900s Chicago who seem to have everything. But when Bessie brings home a less-than-acceptable houseguest, the sorrows that have been festering under the surface come seeping through the facades she and her husband have created to protect their life and marriage. Based on the history of Scotty's Castle, Ariel’s new play explores why two people would risk what they barely have to build a castle for a con-artist in the middle of the desert. (PHOTO & interview)

    Katharine Riddle played the role of Guenevere in Live Arts Maryland’s production of Camelot as part of the Broadway in Annapolis series in February 2020.  Live Arts Maryland is a non-profit, 501C3 performing arts organization that is home base to The Annapolis Chorale, the Annapolis Chamber Orchestra, the St. Anne’s Concert Series and the local presenter of the Washington Symphonic Brass. Katharine has previously performed in The Sound of Music with Live Arts. 

    Kelsey Trundle is serving as the Director of the Telecommunication Education Center (TEC) at the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), directly training the wireless industry (carriers, cell tower owners, and vendors) to safely and efficiently build 5G. Her team is  working with the Department of Labor, and the Federal Communications Commission to ensure that we have a skilled and able workforce for the 5G network deployment; keeping job opportunities in America. Kelsey also just closed on her first home in Annapolis. Congrats, Kelsey! 
  • Class of 2011

    Sarah Brown and her fiance, Kevin Laderberg, tied the knot on 3/7/2020. They were married at Breakers West Country Club in West Palm Beach, FL with several Severn classmates in attendance. 
    Katie Carroll is living in San Diego with fellow alumna Rachel Nock ‘11, and next door to Megan Nock ‘07. She is working at skincare company Primally Pure, as their Influencer Community Manager who connects with bloggers, influencers + brands and stays abreast of  new trends in the health/wellness space. Earlier this year, Katie shared her insights on wellness, skincare, and self-esteem in Primally Pure’s “Pure Life” blog. Katie recently became engaged to her sweetheart Phil.
    Kelly DeStefano married Jack Sellew on November 2, 2019. The couple met at Cornell.

    Hollywood visual effects rising star Asher Stusek '11 has been bringing his talents to recent hits like
    Mary Poppins Returns and the Paddington movie franchise! Asher is a VFX artist and a Filmmaker based in LA. His main area of expertise is 3D texture, look development, and lighting. "I got into digital art through a high school class that taught Illustrator and it took off from there - that led me to 3D, where I've been ever since." 
  • Class of 2012

    Kaitlin Creamer is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego. Kaitlin arrived at Scripps after being awarded a coveted National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in biology. After conducting independent research as a biology major at Kenyon College in the laboratory of Joan Slonczewski, Robert A. Oden Jr. Professor of Biology, Kaitlin knew she wanted to continue her research experience into her post-graduate career. Creamer’s research has involved studying the adaptive abilities of E. coli in acidic environments. She has found that the most important part of scientific research is “to keep asking creative questions and to not give up when it doesn’t work.” She has been using her NSF fellowship to study marine microbes and the natural products that they produce. (photo)

    Maggie Sajak was spied on the longest-running syndicated game show in American television, "Wheel of Fortune,” turning letters as Vanna White took over hosting duties during father Pat Sajak’s recovery from surgery. White said "As you just heard, Pat will be back next week. In the meantime, I'm happy to fill in," White said at the top of Monday's show. "But, you know, I could do this even better, hosting the show with a Sajak. Everyone, please welcome Pat's daughter, Maggie Sajak." Maggie took the stage and revealed that it was not her first time on the show. She had visited her dad during a taping in 1996, when she was just a toddler. "I'm walking a little better now and hopefully I'm a little more eloquent than last time," Maggie Sajak joked after a clip of that childhood visit was played. 
    Jenny Sledge got married on November 2nd, 2019, to her husband, James Harris, at the Peabody Library in Baltimore. Kaitlin Creamer '12 and Eva Bilo '12 were bridesmaids. Callie Burns '14 and Jonathan Dean '11 were in attendance, along with Severn teacher Ms. Maxey and former faculty Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Hays. Cameron and Isla Crawford '27 were the ring bearer and flower girl. Jenny and James’ wedding was featured on Maryland Weddings. Jenny is still working on her PhD in theatre at the University of Kansas, “grappling with questions of how to teach, engage and learn in meaningful ways while being remote.” Jenny did get to act in KU's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It before the department had to take precautions and suspend the theatrical season. 
  • Class of 2013

    Allie Bennett Zoomed into Severn’s Lower School earlier this year to share her expertise with our 4th grade math students from her office in Hollywood! 
  • Class of 2015

    We loved catching KTXS-TV's morning anchor AJ Gersh’s  recap of the Oscars earlier this year. AJ Gersh joined KTXS in June 2019 and started as anchor of KTXS This Morning in March 2020.
    Prior to his move to mornings, AJ worked at KTXS as a Weekend Anchor/Reporter. AJ previously interned at WBAL-TV 11 News in Baltimore and NBC Sports Washington in Washington, D.C. before joining the KTXS team in Texas. He visited Dr. Baugh’s American Public Address class this spring as a Zoom alumni guest lecturer, and included a behind-the-scenes tour of his television studio. Severn’s students loved it! One said, “"I absolutely loved AJ Gersh!  I was able to write down a page worth of notes.  He was so personable, passionate, and a joy to listen to."
  • Class of 2016

    Hannah Maisano closed out a stellar career with the Wellesley College field hockey program by playing in the Victory Sports Tours Division III Senior All-Star game. Maisano was selected for the National Field Hockey Coaches Association event following a tremendous four-year run. The Gambrills native played in 74 career games and made 68 starts, totaling 57 points on 24 goals and nine assists. Maisano had a superb senior season with career-highs of 11 goals and four assists. Of Maisano’s 24 career goals, a whopping seven were game-winners with three coming in overtime. Congratulations Hannah! (PHOTO)
    Congratulations to Tyler Perreten on being named the Patriot League Men's Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Week following a spectacular performance that saw the first-year starter produce five goals and a pair of assists in the Mids' 16-14 victory over Colgate Saturday afternoon at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. (photo)
    Where in the world is Severn? We found Sam Roeder '16, on a study tour in Senegal, Africa showing his Severn pride. 

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