Honor Code

Our Foundation of Trust

We believe in character-driven education and academic excellence fostered by a supportive community that values the dignity, self-worth, and the potential of each individual. Students are expected to behave in a manner that contributes positively to the community as outlined in our school handbook. We cultivate a culture of mutual respect where each student is known and valued for their unique contributions to our community. 

Upper School Honor Code

Severn’s Honor Code is written for the students, by the students, and with the goal of not only maintaining but strengthening trust within the community. At Severn we value trust as a vital component to a student’s growth and maturation. The Honor Code presents the students’ unified thought that a strong community relies on respect for work, property, and one another. Therefore, as students, we pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal.

The Honor Code was established to create and maintain a culture of trust in the Upper School. At the beginning of each school year in a solemn assembly, all new faculty and students new to the Upper School came forward in a solemn ritual to sign the Honor Code book. "The Honor Code Assembly marks an important tradition of our Upper School community at Severn as we take time out to discuss the value of honor, which plays a crucial role in our school mission of challenging students to pursue excellence in character, conduct and scholarship," said Fuller. "Signing the Honor Book is your public commitment to upholding the honor code, to living by the honor code, and to being part of the Severn Upper School community.”

In addition to signing the Honor Book, each student further pledges via his/her signature on all quizzes, tests, and papers, that they understand and have upheld Severn’s Honor Code.

Middle School Honor Code

In accordance with Severn’s mission statement, students in the Middle School are expected to pursue excellence in character, conduct, and scholarship. This applies to all facets of student life in the Middle School. A strong community relies on respect for work, property, and one another. 

Our expectation is that Middle School students will not give or receive help on assignments unless permitted by their teacher and will not copy work from another student or other source and present it as their own. Middle School students are to be honest and trustworthy and are expected not to lie, cheat or steal. 

Lower School Honor Code

The Admiral Attitude guides our interactions and responsibilities as members of the Severn School community. 

Preschool – 1st Grade
  • I am safe. I will act safely.
  • I belong. You belong. We are a community.
  • I am respected. I will respect you.
  • I will learn. I will help you learn.
  • I will celebrate you and me.
Grade 2 – Grade 5
  • I have the right to a safe school; therefore, I have the responsibility to act in a safe manner that supports positive relationships and a positive learning environment.
  • I have the right to belong to my school community; therefore, I have the responsibility to accept and support others in my school community.
  • I have the right to be respected; therefore, I have the responsibility to be respectful to all students, faculty, parents, and guests.
  • learn in a manner that promotes creativity and excellence therefore, I have the responsibility to come to school ready to learn and to listen and respect others’ ideas, experiences and learning styles.
  • I have the right to celebrate my achievements; therefore, I have the responsibility to recognize and praise the success of others.

Lower School

Preschool-Grade 5
Chesapeake Campus
1185 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Arnold, MD 21012

Middle/Upper School

Grade 6-12
Teel Campus
Severna Park, MD 21146