Ideas for Using Databases in your Classroom

  • Have students research new developments on any topic you are studying.
  • Ask students to explain, through research, how something you are studying will pertain to real life.
  • In lieu of research papers, assign an annotated bibliography
  • Debate the merits/significance of an event, development or discovery as reported in the literature.
  • Write an abstract of a journal article.
  • Look for evidence of bias within an article.
  • Compare the logic of two articles on the same topic.
  • Assign an article to read for extra credit.
  • Set up an alert service to tell you when new articles are published on your favorite topic.
  • Establish a “journal club” for upper level students – read an article together, and discuss the implications/applications for future researchers.
  • Read an article together, and have students create a list of five questions I would ask this author/scientist if I could meet her/him.

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