Upper School | Gr. 9-12

Upper School Dress Code

Dressed for Success

The uniform dress code in the Upper School is just one example of the high standards we expect from our students. The dress code creates a school atmosphere which reinforces our mission to help students pursue excellence in character, conduct, and scholarship. We see the adherence to the dress code as an outer expression of respect.

Upper School Dress Code

Students must be in dress code from arrival at school until the end of the school day. The responsibility of adhering to the guidelines that follow rests with students and their parents; however, members of the faculty and the dean of students will respond to students who violate the guidelines. Responses include but are not limited to the following:
  • Maroon card(s)
  • Detention(s)
  • Confiscation of item of clothing
  • Requirement to check with a member of the faculty each morning
  • Phone call to parents
  • On free dress days, students must wear clothing that is reasonable and appropriate for an academic day.
With the exception of the girls’ kilts, which MUST be purchased through Flynn & O'Hara ( or obtained through the Used Uniform Shop, all other uniform items may be purchased from Flynn and O‘Hara, Land‘s End, Target (or similar) or the Used Uniform Shop at Severn as long as they meet the requirements described herein.

Occasions for the Dress Uniform

In addition to field trips and announced special occasions, students must wear the dress uniform on the following occasions:
  • The Honor Code Assembly
  • NHS/Cum Laude Society Induction Assembly
  • Fall Athletic Awards Assembly
  • Winter Athletic Awards Assembly
  • Founder‘s Day Assembly
  • Veterans Day Assembly
  • Fine Arts Awards Assembly
  • Activities/Service Awards Assembly
  • Spring Athletic Awards Assembly
  • Academic Awards Assembly
  • Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Assembly
  • Any occasion deemed appropriate by the Upper School head
In addition, Severn School reserves the right to amend the uniform dress code during the academic year.

Why Do We Have A Dress Code?

  • Help students distinguish between dress for school and dress for informal activities
  • Prevent excessive competition over expensive clothes
  • Decrease the time spent pondering what individuals should wear
  • Decrease the time spent on enforcement in order to concentrate on the core matters of learning and teaching
  • Provide a neat and comfortable uniform dress code
  • Increase pride in appearance and in Severn School
  • Promote modesty in appearance

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