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The Van Eney '09 Fellows Program

Class of 2021 Van Eney '09 Fellows Videos

Tradition in the Making

Following in the footsteps of their Class of 2020 peers, our Class of 2021 Van Eney '09  Fellows created short videos to highlight their process, findings, and overall experience in the program. Their videos and accompanying websites demonstrate their creativity, professionalism, and dedication to experiential, independent learning.

Admiral Hour Preview

Our 2021 Van Eney '09 Fellows shared a preview of their work via Zoom with this Netflix-inspired slide deck to encourage student attendance at the Fellows Fair.

Starting Tomorrow

Chéla Cunningham '21 & Yeala Grimes '21

"This fellows project is a short film, Starting Tomorrow, that follows the relationship between two friends as they begin a new chapter in their lives. We drafted, wrote, pitched, storyboarded, filmed, and edited this project as a way to learn about and gain experience in filmmaking."

Writing, Recording, and Producing Music

Abby Hayden '21

"Over the course of the 2020-2021 school year I have been a part of the Van Eney '09 Fellows Program. I documented the process of writing, recording, and producing music during a global pandemic. My music album was made from only the equipment I had access to in my basement. My goal is to demonstrate that an artist can do anything they put their mind to."

Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay

Mason Howell '21

"My fellows project, Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, is an experiment designed to discover how the concentrations of certain pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay vary based on factors such as location and season."


Parker Schless '21

"Mapplet is an application coded using Java which includes various math games for elementary school students. This allows the students to bolster their math skills learned directly in class with fun and engaging games. In this way, the students can come to associate learning with fun and enjoy the educational process as well."


Daniel Babalola '21

"Coveconomics is an economic analysis on the effects of COVID-19 in the year 2020. In my writings, I dissect the macroeconomic effects of the virus on industry as well as its effects on financial markets. The goal of this project is to explore the vast subject of economic analysis through the focused lens of one of the most transformative events in decades."

ACL Tear Prevention

Emma Duguay '21, Regan King '21 & Kylie Paquin '21

"Our project consists of a three-pronged approach to ACL tear prevention for female athletes, consisting of a stretching protocol, a nutritional plan, and a model of a low-profile knee brace. This ACL prevention plan is specifically tailored towards female athletes."

Real Time Math

Ella Fingado '22

"Something Insightful is a podcast that simplifies complex social and political discussions pertaining to our modern world. The goal is to deconstruct the barrier between students and information; simplifying and explaining issues in a manner that is easier to understand ensures that people are better equipped for future conversations."

The Oyster Project

Annika Jensen '21

"The Oyster Project is a two-part project that consists of a living oyster reef, that solves the problem of permits and a decrease in oyster shells. I researched the best living conditions for Chesapeake oysters and interviewed different scientists in the field to design and make an oyster reef that anyone can place off a dock without a permit to help raise the oyster population. The second part is an education book called, How to Create a Sustainable Backyard. This discusses ways Marylanders can improve their yards to help the Bay and a guide to creating a mini oyster reef."

Animation Short Film

Madeleine Toomey '21

"My project is a short animation about crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the effects of ocean pollution. Throughout the process of researching and creating it, I learned how to animate and edit videos."

Life on the Hyphen


Daniel Berlin '22

"Inspired by my passion for business and sport, Building a Sports Nutrition Brand is a deep dive into learning what it takes to develop a company from ideation to launch. I explore product development, market research, brand development, financial planning, and so much more––coming away with an athletic-recovery product and full-fledged business plan ready to pitch to investors. Along the way, I talked with successful entrepreneurs and companies within the industry, with the goal of fully immersing myself in the world of sports nutrition. "

A Glimpse into Our Future: 2070

Pilar Ebel '21

A Glimpse into Our Future: 2070 is a silent short film depicting life in 50 years given continued dismissal of the climate crisis. I learned during the filming process that sometimes less is more, and to make the best of what we’ve got."

Classical Music: A Beginner's Guide

Arielle Hillock '21

"Classical Music: A Beginner's Guide is an interactive classical music book for beginners of the elementary and middle school age. I know that classical music is not a commonly liked art among young children, but as a classical musician myself, I wanted to extend exposure to the orchestral style. The guide plays classical music pieces within the pages, connecting my research with the works themselves."

Car Restoration

Megan Owen '21

"My fellows project is a car restoration and documentary. My project has three parts: the restoration, the video, and financial analysis. The car is a 1962 Jaguar Mark 2 – 3.8 liter engine. The engine, engine bay, front and rear suspension, and cosmetics were restored. The car and engine bay got a beautiful coat of 'Old English White.' The wood interior was revarnished. The red seats and carpet were cleaned but were not replaced due to the price of new custom leather seats. The entire process was recorded and will be posted to the YouTube channel named Megan Owen. My website has a financial analysis comparing my car to other cars in similar condition for sale to determine a theoretical profit."

Dinosaur Illustration Study

Julia Youssef '21

"As a part of the Van Eney ‘09 Fellows Program, I decided to focus on understanding paleo art and creating some of my own over this past year. With online resources and the help of Severn faculty and mentors, I’ve worked to create a series of informational and fossil-informed illustrated pages for a number of dinosaur species."

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