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Special Subjects

Expanding Imagination, Intellect, and Creativity

Special Subject classes at Severn Lower School expand imagination, intellect, character, and creativity and are key to the academic success of our students. We have specially designated spaces to enhance your child's learning experience in art, music, performing arts, Spanish, technology, library, and physical education.

Special Subject Class Offerings

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  • Art

    Every child is an artist! Developing an aesthetic sense, taking risks with creative expression, and understanding the visual world inspires our students. Students are immersed in art experiences and activities that are designed to foster original thinking while exploring many different mediums. Pottery, 3D art, sculptures, paintings and oil pastels are some of the items that adorn the school walls and art cases. Art history, integration of grade level unit of studies and creative experiences into the classroom curriculum are also an important part of the program.
  • Band & Strings Ensembles

    The Band and String Ensemble programs offer students opportunities to pursue their musical interests and create meaningful performance opportunities for our young musicians.

    String Ensembles are offered to third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Our Beginning String Ensemble is available to students who are just starting to play a string instrument, with Advanced String Ensemble open to students who have had one year or more of lessons on their instrument. The ensembles meet separately after school.

    Band Program is for students in fourth and fifth grades and meets after school twice a week. Students learn the importance of collaboration as they study and play musical compositions.
  • Computer and Technology

    Technology is a purposeful instructional tool in the Lower School. Our technology coordinator and classroom teachers collaborate to provide meaningful, connected experiences that allow students to enhance their learning and present their learning in multimedia formats. The academic content of each unit is linked directly to corresponding grade level academic subjects.

    Young students are introduced to the keyboard and basic technology functions while our older students develop skills in the areas of applied technology, desktop publishing, databases, graphic design, spreadsheets and multimedia presentations.
    Laptop and iPad carts provide opportunities for students throughout the day to research, create, and present their learning in new ways.
  • Drama

    As part of our Renaissance Program offered to 4th and 5th graders, students have the opportunity to produce a full theatre production from start to finish. In addition to life skills such as project management, collaboration, public speaking and teamwork, students learn theatre terms and history, basic stagecraft, movement, script and character analysis, costume, set and prop management.
  • Heart Strings: Social & Emotional Learning

    Social and emotional learning is as fundamental as academic rigor at Lower School. The Heartstrings social-emotional curriculum strengthens social responsibility by building a foundation of understanding and respect for others. Our program celebrates and appreciates people and their perspectives, addresses the social-emotional needs of the individual student, and educates the whole child by furthering important social skills.

    The Lower School uses the Second Step character education program as a core instructional resource, as well as supplemental books and hands-on learning activities that support and reinforce the concepts being taught. Focused grade-level activities address age-appropriate strategies for areas such as Empathy, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Mindfulness, and Bullying Prevention.
  • Library

    Equipped with more than 10,000 volumes, Severn’s library has something of interest for all grade levels. Our Library/Media curriculum teaches students how to use digital and print resources effectively and opens up the world of research and exploration. Classroom lessons are designed using a hands-on approach, engaging students in discovery and reflection of skills and concepts introduced. The addition of laptops and iPads has made the possibilities for exploration endless.
  • Music

    Rhythm, melody, dynamics, timbre, form, and style are part of the curriculum and when combined with an assortment of vocal and instrumental music from around the world – our youngest musicians are thrilled with all they are offered. Musical knowledge is developed through listening, performing, and the reading and writing of music through singing, dancing, playing instruments, speech, movement, games and drama.
  • Photography

    Photography is offered to 4th and 5th grade students through our Renaissance Program. Students learn photography fundamentals, explore their creativity and create and produce the Lower School Yearbook.
  • Physical Education

  • Renaissance Program for Grades 4 and 5

    Our Renaissance program is offered to Fourth and Fifth Grade students as an extension of the Arts and Science programs, with selection based on student choice. Science programming includes the full STEM offerings including Robotics, Rockets, Bridges, Renewable Energy K’Nex building and Design Squad engineering challenges. The Arts programs include Advanced Art, Photography, and Drama.
  • Spanish

    Since young learners have an aptitude for language, we start the introduction to Spanish in Preschool and continue in each elementary grade. Beginning with songs and games, children progress to writing, reading and conversational Spanish. Cultural highlights are woven into the curriculum, which is coordinated with grade level curriculum.

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