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Outdoor Learning

Taking It Outside

Learning through nature is an essential part of our Early School program. In addition to the hands-on learning in our Early School classrooms, our littlest learners head outside to play, discover and learn in the open air. 
    • Severn School Early School students play outside.

      Severn School Early School students play outside.

What did you do today?

Our Early School courtyard, natural playground, tot lot and trike path are tailor-made to nurture discovery and play in our youngest students. Your child will have time for active, unrestricted movement to engage with the world around them and make discoveries on their own. When you ask what they did today and they say "I played," you'll know that it means much more than that.

I played outside AND ...
  • practiced collaboration and compromise, sharing our toys and creating a game
  • made patterns in the sand
  • sorted and grouped rocks by their shape and size
  • found things in nature that begin with the sound /s/
  • told an amazing story that my teacher put in my journal that I share with my friends at group time
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