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Middle School students are introduced to the world of ideas and the kind of rigorous thinking that serves the foundation for their years at Severn, and the life beyond. We require one unit of English, Fine Arts (music/art), Social Studies, Math, Science, and Foreign Language each year, and we also offer enrichment classes and electives like Life Skills, Study Skills, Writing Code, Dance, and Outdoor Education.  

From Dan Keller, Middle School Head

Welcome to Severn School’s Middle School! I gladly invite you to explore our Middle School pages.

A few years ago, while teaching 6th grade English, I performed the same assignment I asked of my students: to write and articulate a vision of the perfect world, a utopia. This assignment’s goal was partly to provide needed context for our upcoming class novel. So like my students, I composed a rough draft, edited, and polished a final.

As I look back on that assignment, I actually described what makes an ideal school community. In fact, I wrote about what I see every day in our Middle School—a group of curious children engaged in an intellectual, productive process and working hard to accomplish goals, all while the adults model civil behavior, develop caring bonds with young people, and help kids grow effectively. These are the paths and outcomes of our Middle School community.

In Severn’s Middle School, we take the learning process seriously. We carefully plan and implement lessons and instruction that engages students in tasks leading to full understanding of ideas, skills, and knowledge. With a genuine commitment to the learning process, our teachers provide intellectual steps for our students to achieve in many academic subjects.

In our Middle School, the teachers also model a passion for scholarship and the ways a kind, mindful person communicates, listens, and relates. We understand that setting a good example to highly perceptive school children helps trusting student-teacher relationships to thrive, causing each child to try their hardest and want to succeed for their caring teachers.

As middle-school educators, we understand that thoughtful actions toward students are the foundation to their meaningful growth. A humble interest to be present in our students’ lives is part of our Middle School fabric. Our teachers willingly come to recognize our students as people as well as learners by attending soccer, basketball, and lacrosse games. They also coach our Middle School teams and direct our plays. Our teachers create and deliver dynamic classes, electives, and enrichments that convey passion, intelligence, and especially care toward students. I have witnessed many teachers, while delivering a lesson, use students’ personal interests to make learning more accessible—all actions that say, “I care and you matter.”

Our faculty teaches for process before product; we aim to set the very best example for our students, and we continually offer kind actions to our kids because we deeply believe promising middle-schoolers need and deserve to be known and valued.

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