Spring Athletic Awards & Upper School Academic Awards
Both the Spring Athletic Awards assemblies and the Upper School Academic Awards assembly took place this week. Applause, applause to our scholars and to the Upper and Middle School student-athletes recognized this week.
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The Coach's Award recipient is selected by the coach. The Player's Award recipient is selected by the players themselves.


Girls Lacrosse
Ted White (MVP): Mackenzie Carroll '10
Player's Award: Bridget Brown '10

Boys Lacrosse
Ted White (MVP): Adam Cohen '09
Player's Award: Alex Jones '09

Coach's Award: Joe Kotler '12
Charlie Hustle Award: Sam Meisenberg '12
Player's Award: Chase Strom '10

Boys Track
Coach's Award: Ian McConnell '12
Player's Award: Matt McKetney '09

Girls Track
Coach's Award: Claire Rosen '10
Player's Award: Caryn Maconi '09

Coach's Award: Danny Wayson '09
Player's Award: C.J. Soderlund '09

Coach's Award: Felix Hong '09
Player's Award: Jack Allen '09

Coach's Award: Kaylee Schwitzer '11
Player's Award: Ian Duncan '09


Boys Lacrosse
Coach's Award: Kevin Bolger '11
Player's Award: Colin Rainey '11

Girls Lacrosse
Coach's Award: Constance Olmert '12
Player's Award: Mia Griffin '11

Coach's Award: Sarthi Dalal '10
Player's Award: David Bondra 11


Boys Lacrosse (Maroon Team)
Coach's Award: Will Dengler '13
Player's Award: Emmett Nelson '13

Boys Lacrosse (White Team)
Coach's Award: Finley Code '14
Player's Award: Austin Anderson '14

Girls Lacrosse (Maroon Team)
Coach's Award: Kelly Reese '13
Players Award: Cami Whiteford '13

Girls Lacrosse (White Team)
Coach's Award: Babs Weiss '13
Players Award: Kelly Crossman '13