After Prom Party
Parents, please support the After Prom Party by making a contribution ('read more' for ideas). Meanwhile, be sure to sign and return your child's permission slip. Permission slips must be handed in by Tuesday, May 10th to be eligible for the $500 Apple Store Gift Card, however, permission slips will be accepted up to the day of the party. All Juniors, Seniors, and guests of the students are invited to After Prom, a safe, drug- and alcohol-free activity for students who are not quite ready to 'call it a night.' Friday, May 13, 11:30p to 1:30a. The event is sponsored by the APA.

To make the party truly enticing and exciting, we would like to raffle off items the students will find valuable. APA covers the cost of the party but we depend on Junior and Senior parents to donate raffle items. In order to create excitement amongst the students, raffle items will be advertised several weeks prior to Prom.

In the past, raffle donations that have been popular with the students have included: iPods, iPod accessories, an iPad, jewelry, watches, snowboards, skis, digital camera, digital printers, lap tops, TV's, microwaves, mini fridges for future dorm rooms, gaming systems, gift cards for gasoline, restaurants, etc. Of course, the tastes of our Juniors and Seniors change from year to year, so use your imagination!

All donations, including cash, are appreciated. If you prefer to donate cash (check), we will purchase items from the list to raffle off. Patty Thompson, our Upper School Receptionist, will be collecting all donations. Please make sure AFTER PROM is written on your donation and make checks payable to Severn School. Patty is located in the reception area of Teel Academic Center.

The After Prom Committee is still in need of volunteers for May 13th, 8a - 1p to help decorate the Athletic Center. Any time you can spare will be greatly appreciated.Thank you so much for your time and anticipated generosity. We appreciate your support.

Jackie Podoley and Madeleine Bowden
After Prom Party Chairs